Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Please save me from myself.......

This is like crack!!  Not that I've ever done crack, but you understand......

Whoever invented this must be stabbed!!
It has consumed my life......I can't stop!!!

By the way, thanks for the nice emails wondering where I am.
I have been working on several things, I just need to get my grove back!

Mean while.......

I MUST have a windmill.......
If anybody comes across one will you please mail it to me!!!

Look at this cuteness!! 
What a great HOSTESS Gift!!!

Make the girls work for their keep!
No more bottles of wine, everybody gets a basket of eggs from me!!

And this tail gate, 
I have a RED ONE!!

Mine is not a bench, but what a great idea!!

I have a this same tub in my yard........
My flowers don't look that good, 
well the truth is..... mine are all brown and barely hanging on,
 because it's 100 stinkin' degrees here 
everyday single day and everything very sun burnt and crispy!

 I made one these dresser, planter things......

Pinterest makes me happy!

I'm happy to know there is someone else in the world that loves a Chevy
tailgate as much as I do!!  

And there is someone else out there that
has a claw-foot tub in their yard!! 

So, to you boyfriend, the one that calls me a HOARDER

HA See other people have the same stuff I do!
So it's not hoarding!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cleaning Mom's House

Well, well, well, it's me Jane!

The last couple months have been a little crazy, sad town over here. 
My sister and I have been working on cleaning out Mom's place.

For those of you out there in your 60's, 70's please know that in this day and age you no longer have to keep all your
bank statements, your electric bills, your phone bills or your credit card bills.  
Think of this as Public Service Announcement
don't do that to your children!!

Mom had boxes and boxes of this stuff.  
And the worst part, back in the day, 
they just put your social security number on 
every bank statement for all to see.  
I shredded enough paper to supply a ticker tape parade in every state!!!

It's hard cleaning out your deceased parents house.  
You come along so much fun stuff.  
My sister and I would find pictures and sit down 
and go through all of them....
we'd find a drawing one of did in first grade that Mom kept and we'd sit down and talk about that....we'd find a old pitcher and talk about it........
needless to say this process has not gone fast.

We found some old books..........

And Mom's Diary.......

This will be fun to read!

We found this chocolate box.  Look how cute it is!

Mom's toy gun when she was a kid. It weighs a ton, solid metal!

We found a few of these bottles. 
My sister says they are old prescription bottles??
Does anybody know?

And Momma loved her pottery! 

And now comes the time my sister and I get to fight over who gets what!!

HA HA.........I kid........I think.....

More stuff to come.........Red Wing dish set...........

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Mother......

I lost my wonderful, really awesome, Mom on February 7, 2012.
She was 77 years old.

She had a stroke and passed away in her sleep.
My sister and I found her in bed.

We had a rule that she had to call me every morning so 
I could make sure she was up and around.

She didn't call that day.

My sister and I called and called.

We met at her house and went in together.

Actually, it was kind of nice to sit on her bed with her 
and say our good byes before we called 911.

We had been taking care of her for a long time.
Sometimes it was really hard...hearing the same story over and over.
 And getting use to all her new little "ways" she liked things done.

A while ago a huge calm came over me and I decided
I wasn't going to correct her any more.
I wasn't going to say, 
I know, you told me already.
I wasn't going to worry so much about cleaning her house,
fixing a meal, she wasn't going to eat.

I was going to spend more time just talking to her.
Watching TV with her, just sitting with her.

I'm glad I did.

When I wasn't at her house, I spoke with her twice a day.
We had good talks together, 
even if I had already heard the story.......

She always told me she loved me 
and I always told her.

I really miss her.