Monday, January 31, 2011

Newbie Blog Party!!

Hey I got invited to attended a 

Newbie Party!

Debbie came over last week and checked out my blog
so of course I went over to hers!

Debbie does everything, she's funny and 
she even models clothes from her closet!

The Newbie Party is for us new kids in blog land 
to get out there and meet more fun bloggers!

This whole blogging thing has been so much fun!

I get so many wonderful ideas from all these talented 
women and I feel like we're all 

Like we could all meet for lunch and have the best time!

So thanks everybody!

Come on over and meet some new friends!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introducing A Fellow Blogger Modern Jane and Giveaway

The other day,  I was of course not working
......don't tell my boss....
and going through the tons of blogs I go through everyday.

Modern Jane had this really great blog on picture galleries

Check it out here

I really loved it and saved the photos.

Some are just tan, some are black and white. There is a white kitchen with
bright pictures and of course a beautiful purple and blue gallery from 
everybody's cutie Nate!

So that night I was thinking I need to do 
something like that on my walls.......

Duhhh........I already had

These are all family photos,
Great Grandparents, Great Uncles, Aunts and my parents.

So the moral of the story is,
I need to spend more time in my dinning room, 
and or quit thinkin the grass is greener....
I didn't do such a bad job! 

Take a look at Modern Jane's Blog 
I really enjoy it! You should see the before and after of her house,
the pillows she made....

And she also has a Giveaway going on right now

$20 Gift Card To CSN Stores!! 

Check it out here...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jane's Junk!

So this hangs on the side of my chicken coop.
As of a few days ago it didn't have the chicken pictures.

Ya see it was going to snow last week so I put this window in the shed
so it doesn't get wet and fall apart.

Remember the old small house down the street that was being tore down...
the same place I got all my hardware for my cupboard doors.
This I found in the fallen down barn.

So anyway.......
 it was cold and I didn't make it to the shed and I brought it in the house.
And after walking by it a few times I remembered some
chicken pictures in my junk  craft drawer!

And look how cute!!!
Now I want it in the house and not on the chicken coop!

Oh and lets not forget the latch! 
Ya know how I love my old hardware!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dresser Re-do

I had this in my shed forever.
It was in pretty bad shape.

The top has some problems 

and the sides......

I don't have before pictures.
Of course I started painting then thought of it!!!
Bad before and after blogger!! 
 Bad, Bad

As you can see it is a really nice piece.
Painting it white gave it a whole new life!
Leaving it wood and repairing all that needed to be done
would have taken way to long for me!
As I said before 
I hate sanding!!!!

Found this lamp in a salvage yard.
The cord was very old and I didn't want to plug it in and 
have it blow out my electric so
I stuck a candle in it!

And these letters are my Grandparents love letters!
Everybody had such nice penmanship back then.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Napa Vacation!

I am very fortunate to have 3 very best friends!
We get together every 6 months or so.

Last weekend was wine tasting in Napa!

This is Rubican!  
The best wine ever!!!

Really, really old bottles of wine

Jean Harlow and Clark Gable
signed the guest book at Rubican.

This is Castilla di Amorosa
The tour was great and so was the wine!

This Castle was awesome!

And of course every castle must have a torture chamber!!!

Fabulous resort 

Solage, Calistoga 

We had a wonderful weekend but the best part 


The best burgers in the world!!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Linking Today

I am going to San Francisco this weekend with my BFF's!   Got to pack......

So today I am linking to Wednesday Parties!  Check it out!  There is always some really great stuff to see!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kitchen Remodel

So when friends first saw my house they were a little shocked!

It's small, and it was really bad in the inside.
But it's in a great part of Colorado, 
I have some land, 
it's agricultural property,
which means I can have my Girls (the chickens) 
any another animal I want!

My sister saw my vision but everybody else 
thought I had lost it!

This was my kitchen........

Can you imagine!??

Pretty bad!
The indoor, outdoor carpet was good when 
I had the baby chicks in the house.  

And when my Rooster Bob got hurt he just hung out under the table.
He liked to sleep on my feet.

See one big happy family,
the cats and Bob all having dinner

This part was all closed in.
It was tiny little room, I guess so you couldn't see in 
the bathroom from the kitchen.
Oh and it was really nice fake wood.
Ya gotta wonder....??

OK this was the cool part.
When I tore that little area out 
I found a chimney!!!
Covered in plaaaster........ boo hoo
But still cool!

Be gone ugly brown cabinets!
and after........

The counter tops were dark brown little tiny pieces of tile
with black cement in between!

There was fake brick on the walls below the cupboards
and I did not have the patience
tear it out so I covered it with wainscot.
In the picture above you see I painted the brick white at first
Hated It!

And you can see the chimney with all the paster off of it.
Now that was a job.......never, ever again!


When it got down to the $ 
I had none
So I just painted the old cabinets 
and added the hardware I had taken from that house
that was going to be torn down.

I did cut the hinges out too but they had too much paint on them 
and I wasn't able to get them unscrewed.
So I got these from Lowes while 
I work on the old hinges.

All the original,
just painted over

New stove, washer, dryer and refrigerator!

Looking at these pictures I forgot what a mess this was.
I always joked, I lived like I was camping.
Those were some hard days.......
I wanted it done and it just didn't happen fast enough!

And now 
Stay turned.........
More on the other rooms comin up!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bathroom Decorating

My Sister and I re-did her main bath.

We have the same taste so it's 
pretty easy to "play" with her junk!

I love this cabinet.......
and I can't wait for her to get tired of it one day!
heh heh

We got these old frames last summer on a trip to Iowa.

I personally want to hang stuff in them, that was my plan
but she likes em like that.....

I'll wait till she's not home one day and add some stuff!