Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little White Shelf

A few weeks ago my sister and I went to our favorite little antique shop.
It's a long drive so we don't go there too often.

Sister Dear found this little shelf and wanted it white!

It was pretty shabbed up on it's own.
but not white!

I was going to start it in the house,
winter here ya know......

Then the Safety First light bulb went off......

spray paint in the house + a closed house +
gas heater clicking on an off
= a big boom!!

So I braved the cold for my sister!

Got it all painted pretty,

then I trashed it!!

Ya know,
 this turned out kinda cute.......

Think she'd notice if she never got it back.........

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter Table

I've been playing around with my Easter stuff 
trying to decide what to put on my table.

I know.......again with the silverware!
Remember this one......

Can't help it, I really like it!

Look at this cuteness!
Thank you Hobby Lobby! 
50% off
I do so love me my Hobby Lobby!

(stunning photography)

Thank goodness we have a while before Easter!
Maybe I need more color...........

Monday, March 21, 2011

What I Did With My Frame From Last Week

Happy Monday!

Last week I told you all about my new LOVE

Rub n Buff

and my beautiful frame......

I decided my sister needed my frame!

She liked what I did in my bathroom with all the mirrors.

And did the same thing on a huge wall in her bedroom.

See how cute this turned out.....
We added the frame up in the corner.

The goal is to find another little mirror to hang inside it.

I really like the way this turned out with all different 
colors of frames around the mirrors!

Good job Little Sister!

And the huge wonderful mirror in the center.......

When I moved from my HUGE 2 bedroom condo,
with a loft to my 800 sq ft old farm house,
that mirror did not fit anywhere........

And my sister just came in my house and took it!

Just loaded it in her SUV and drove off into the sunset,
dust flying off her tires with a huge smile on her face..............

Beware Little Sister, beware........
wait till I go shopping in your house!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love this stuff!!

I first happened on this stuff from the 

And now I'm addicted!
Remember last summer my sister and I got all
these frames in Walnut Iowa.

They are kinda beat up!

To the non junker they see fire wood....

I / we junkers see beyond...........

This once was really pretty!
 I love all the molding......

But as you can see it's coming off 

So I decided to spray paint it really thick to hold the molding on!

Get out the way chickens or your gonna be white!

Once it dried.....
It was really WHITE.....
That's when I remembered the rub stuff......

Hobby Lobby didn't have it and neither did Michael's!
Finally found it at Jo Ann's Fabrics!

I used an old Bounce sheet to rub it on!

Don't want to mess the nails!

Look at that thing of beauty.......

And that's why I love this stuff!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Was Interviewed........

I found Sarah, the wit behind So....what else? forever ago.

Sarah is a Mom, wife and a substitute teacher,
and she lives for Dr. Quinn......
You remember the show....Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.......?

Sarah makes me laugh 
out loud!
Not a lame LOL
but really out loud!!

Sarah also has a special section on her blog
Kira In The Car
Kira is her daughter and Kira is out there!
The stuff that comes out of her mind is amazing......??

So without further ado 
Please check out my interview with Sarah!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Easter Decorations / My Sister's House

 I told you my sister had an ulterior motive inviting me to lunch!

When I got to her house this cabinet 
somehow was empty.........

So I added some material carrots in a jar......

some eggs.......

and a really cute bunny platter.....

And of course 
Easter eggs that Gram made!

Look at these......

Gram called this Bread Dough Flowers!

Look how cute!
 My sister and get our creative side from Gram!!

And there you have it!

Phase 1 of my Sister's Easter Decor!

I couldn't get a good photo with the doors closed because of the glare!

She wants me to visit again next weekend.......

I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recipe Card Decorating Part 2 / My Sister

So when my sister saw the blog about 
Grandma's recipe cards and what I did with them
she had a fit.

She had forgot I had them and wanted some for her kitchen too!

I guess I have to share.......I mean it is her Gram too 
she was going to tell Mom!

Big, fat, tattle tail, baby!!

Here is my sister's cabinet before........

As I have mentioned in past blogs my sister has a consignment store!
As you can see her stuff is awesome!

Not only that, 
she has a real house!
By that I mean, 
way more than 800 sq ft, 
not like my little, tiny, 1929 farm house.

She has so much fun stuff!
Actually she is kind of on the edge of her own
hoarding show on A & E!! 
I kid......

So this is what I did.........

Just hung some string in the back of the top shelf.

Here's the other shelves I re-did for her!

See my sister tricks me........
She calls me and says come over for dinner!

Then when I get there 
she has everything emptied out of a cupboard,
her kitchen, living room.......
And she wants to re-arrange everything!!

She said something about coming over next weekend for lunch.......
Ummmm something tells me these going to be 
a whole lot of 
bunny stuff around waiting 
to be put somewhere.......