Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm baaack!!!

What a wonderful vacation, more on that later........

I WAS there........

Here we are heading for the door!

We waited till around noon to head over.
We hoped by then all the crazies were gone........not so much!

You would not believe how many people spent the night in the parking lot!
For DAYS.......just to be first in line.

OK, the first 150 people got a sofa and a chair.......but still,
it was a parking lot PEOPLE!!!

(Truth be told, I was busy in Cancun.....
and don't own a tent 
or I probably would have been there too)

All the new stations were there!

The parking was full and the were busing people in from the mall next door.

It was REALLY crazy!

I really like this tile....... kitchen remodel in my future????

I really want this rug......
I am so into PINK!
What am I a 12 year old girl........?

Took a picture of this rug for the 
"Man Room"  The Boyfriend is demanding!

Oops it has flowers......but it's BROWN!
Brown is a big MAN color!

I liked this one too.......

And really when it comes down to it....
like he's going to get anything he wants in that room!! 

Silly, silly MAN!

This was all I came home with!

A few candles, candle holders and some Tupperware.

Well, not Tupperware, IKEAware!!

This is me and my shopping assistant after a huge day at IKEA!

This was truly one of the happiest days of my LIFE!!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

IKEA and Vacation!


Look at it in all it's GLORY!!!!!

I can't take it!!
I'm so excited!!!

I snuck in the parking garage and drove around.

Some Security Dude started blowing a whistle at me.......

I escaped without incident!

I'll be there opening day! 

I am on a vacation all next week and back the 27th!

This is me next week....... 
except I don't own a white bikini,
and I wouldn't just LAY down in the sand like that,
and well.......I look nothing like HER!

(I hate her)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Odds and Ends.......

So last weekend I met up with 


If you don't know these ladies you need to check out their blogs.

It was the first time we had ever met.  
We had such a FUN time. We shopped, laughed and ate!

We went to an antique market called Paris Street,
in Boulder, CO.

Tammy made out like a bandit, 
Sommer and I ......nada!

Here we are!  
Sommer, Tammy and me.

(Note to self, white makes you look fat in photos)

If you read Tammy's blog you know she's a million miles
hour all the time and believe me she's that way in real life!  
She's crazy, I wish I had her energy!!!  

And I'm pretty sure I have Sommer talked in to becoming a chicken farmer!!

Speaking of which.........

Remember these babies......

They are growing up fast!
Nice photo, 
there's a little Chicken Moon from brown chick 2!

Look at brown chick 1, she looks like she's yelling at me!

Oh and guess what.......

I decided to turn an old barn into a work space!

This stuff needed to get out of the house
before The Boyfriend snapped!! 

I think it has potential......

I hope me and the black widows, the wasps, and the
bats can work in peaceful harmony......

Better call the Bug Man!

And did I mention........

This is me the 19th - 26th!!

Returning the 26th to make the grand opening
on JULY 27th of

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Junk I've Been Working On

I hope everybody had a great 4th!!

We did, because we did 
And it was GREAT!

We have been so busy it was so nice not to do anything!

I also got to finish up some stuff I've been working on!

I found this at Good Will for like a dollar.

What are these round holes for?


Ummmmm now where to hang it.........

and what to put on it..........

Then there was this chair.......

I really, really tried to get all the chipped up 
paint off, I swear!

I just get too excited and don't have time!

I want to PAINT!!  
Not PREP!!

Besides I think leaving the chipped up paint under the white,
gives it.......depth........and texture..........

How's that for some big words!!  ha

This tray I spray painted first then painted.

Added a little shabby........

Still diggin the Mod Podge!! 

And then this tray.......

Was a PAIN!!
I sanded and sanded and sanded...........
you know how much I hate prep work!

 And now I get to find a place for everything!

And that's the fun part!!!