Tuesday, April 26, 2011





JULY 27TH!!!!

I am so calling in sick that day to work........
I'm camping out the night before.......

I am so excited!!! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

I Won A Giveaway

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend!

A few weeks ago I won a give away from
the wonderful

If you haven't checked out her blog 
you need to!!

First of all she has great music on her blog!

It's fun!!

Sometimes I log into her blog and just let the music play!

It helps make my work day go faster!!

Who doesn't love Doris Day.....

And Ellen crazy...........

You have got to check this out!

Either she has way to much time on her hands or 
she gets the award for 
"thinking out side the box"!!!

Oh, what did I win......

Well when this came I was really upset.......

Thanks goodness Ellen packed it with a ton of
Kroger bags and tissue!!

I know there were a ton because I set the box outside my back door,
the wind blew,
 and I spent hours picking up Kroger bags and glitter tissue 
allll over my yard!!

This what I won!!
Cute, cuteness!

Don't cha just love that tea pot.......

And this frame.....

I need something very special to put in this frame......


Thanks Ellen!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Surprise!

I was at my Mom's house cleaning and I came across a box 
that had my name on it.

In it was a bunch of stuff I left behind when I moved to California
in my 20's........over 100 years ago.......

This little box was in there

and this box

When I saw them I knew exactly what was in them!

Of course they were Grams......

Gram's peak a boo egg....
Do they still make these?

 My sister and I had some when we were kids.
Of course they are long gone!  

How is it Gram's withheld the test of time!?

On my camera you can see everything just fine.......

This picture looks like some kind of sea creature!

There are flowers, trees, a little cottage in the back 
and of course a girl with a basket and an Easter Bunny!

This was in the other box!

This was Gram's too!
The bunny and the carrots are made out of some kind of soap stuff.

The ribbon has broken on his little bunny ears!

Whoa.........not a good look Mr. Bunny.

But look at his cute belly button!!

Then of course, I have all my antique 
Easter cards on display!

This one always makes me laugh.....
She kinds of a creepy lookin kid!!

Everybody have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Finally Sprung!

Well, hello there.......

 Finally something from all this brown.....
It was 70 on Saturday and Sunday!

So I went a little crazy!

I got so excited when I saw the purple in the dead leafs!!

Some eggs from the $1 Store!

nothing says spring like fake carrots.......

My one and only, 
that store is way to expensive,
from Mom for a b-day 
years ago, 

Anthropologie bedding!

More flowers in the bedroom!

The kitchen island......

The cabinet in the bathroom

Pink, purple, green and white towels
in the bathroom........

I'd say I went too far!

My house pretty much looks like
Spring threw up in it!! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Gift From Sadness

OK not to be a Debbie Downer,
but a good friend of mine passed away back in January.
She was one of those friends that I had forever!
Forever and ever, we go waaay back!!

It didn't matter if we hadn't seen each other for months, 
when we got together it was like only a day had passed.

It was sudden, unexpected and really painful.

She has two great kids, and her son was cleaning 
out their house and called me.

He said he found some stuff I may want.

He said he knew how much I liked broken, old stuff.......

Broken old stuff, I said, why do you say that??

He said, look at your house, stuff is all chipped up, 
stuff needs to be painted,
it's all broken and old........

I informed him it is called shabby chic......
and my house was very cute and homey.

He said, 
there's actually a name for that.......

I informed him he was not welcome for dinner on Sunday......
That little turd!!!   

Here is one of the old, broken pieces he thought I would like.........

Like........more like LOVE!!

It does need some attention.......

So this is where you out there in blog land come in......


I've never tackled something with this much damage.....

I need to remove the whole top layer.....
any suggestions?

And back to my friend's son,
we got him moved into an apartment and I told him I would
love to help him decorate.......
and he told me, 
that was really OK,
he didn't like used stuff......

Antiques are not USED stuff........
oh wait.........

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Surprises For Me...........

So the wonderful blogger 
hosted an auction.  
She had so much great stuff!!

I got these two beautiful tablecloths!!!

Yes, pink and purple!!!  I love them!!

(again with the professional photography, 
ipod cord, don't worry Anne your job is safe)

So, so pretty!!

And of course Laura included a smelly!
Very nice......and smells so good!

So now what to do..........

Antique dishes I use for Easter....

On the pink tablecloth........

 Then the purple.......
the pink tablecloth fit my huge table perfect
and the purple is a regular square, 
so I added Gram's lace tablecloth under it.

I love these little plates,
Crate and Barrel 

And these, Anthropologie, 
I love, love them!!

Or maybe I should use these bad boys....
plates, $1 and glasses, 50 cents!

Throw in some of Grams Easter eggs......

Two tablecloths, lots of dishes........
I'm thinking at least 2 Easter Dinners this year!!!!

Bring on the Ambrosia Salad!!!

And I know ya'll know Laura at Decor To Adore,
her blog is amazing!!!! 
She did a blog on cakes, 
It was really interesting.
Then her daughter decided her new style was 
you have to read that one!

Check Decor To Adore out,
it's a wonderful blog and you may learn something!!