Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm A Bad Blogger..........

Wow I miss everybody so much!

I haven't been on here in forever!!!

I have had a few changes in my world.  My wonderful Mother has taken that turn in life where I am now the parent.  

She is still on her own, but we don't want to leave her alone.

I have been doing her laundry and paying her bills for some time now but within the last few months she needs more attention.  My sister and I take turns every other day taking care of her.

Nobody tells you about this part, and as a kid you sure never think about it.  
It's hard, really hard.  

It's hard hearing the same story over and over, it's hard telling her she has to take a shower, it's hard getting her eat something other than ice cream!  And it's hard looking at her across the table wishing she was the old Mom.  Not that her mind is all the way gone but she's different now.  

And my job is really busy!  I got a raise, HELLO!  With all the blogging I was doing at work, that was a shock!  Thank goodness I haven't been caught yet! ha 

So with my Mom and that place I have to go to that pays the bills, I haven't had time to work on any of my projects. I am so behind!  I have so much furniture stacked up that I need to get to. 

AND I haven't even changed my house to FALL!!!!
Can you imagine!!  

Thank you for sticking by me and not un-following me!  I promise I'll get my mo-jo back soon!

I feel like I know you all personally and I have been a really bad friend for not checking in.

I miss everybody so much.