Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shabby Wood Chair

I've been working hard every night this week on all my projects!!

I wish I could stay at home and not work!!

But then I wouldn't have insurance and I wouldn't have 
any place to write my blog.........I mean isn't what work is for!

I finished this chair.

Cuteness Cute!!

I used this paint from Walmart and

And this oops paint from Home Depot!

$5, such a deal!!

I wish I could find that great wax stuff Miss Mustard Seed
uses without having to order it on line.

Oh and my great, wonderful picnic table
from the greatest Estate Sale of all..........

Cat sun spa.........

Oh no, Missy Pissy, this will never do.........

Monday, May 23, 2011

Git er dun...........

Or should I say I'm trying to 
git er dun!!

It's so hard working on stuff between rainstorms!!

I worked on this.......
and this........

These are both from a woman that shops at the Big CK
(my sister's consignment store Cotton Kloset)

She asked me to re-do them for her.
I also decorated her new place.........well it's not quite done yet.
Finishing up this weekend. 

One thing I did finish.......

Remember this from my awesome 
Estate Sale last week.

Well I grabbed me some silver 
Rust Oleum paint,
and look 
 More better!

I ask you, which is prettier,

or this!! 

I did work really hard this weekend!
Look at my dinning room!

Jane's Junk!!!  
I had to move everything in cuz, guess what 
it's going to RAIN again today!!! 

And on side note,
on a personal side note,
my wonderful nephew
graduated on Saturday!!

In this picture he's saying
"oh Jane, 
no Jane, 
you're not allowed in here......."

I can do what I want!
I am

Me and Cole!
(I'm the one on the right, his Grandpa is on the left)

I sure do love that kid!!

I make him call me
Dearest, Darling, Auntie Jane!

PS   Look at that living!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Junkin Jackpot!!!

So last Friday I ran out for lunch and  
I saw this little sign......
Estate Sale!!

And you know what that means!

I blew off my hunger pains and followed the signs!

It was a little house on top of the hill,
and when I walked in the garage.....
well, lets just say there was a light glow to it,
I heard angels singing.......

There was so much great stuff!
I immediately dug in and started a pile!

This was the first item I wrote sold on!

Sorry it has been raining here so I tried to take pictures
before the downpour started again!

Look at this, the man who lived here built this table!
It ain't fallin apart!!

Look at this bad boy!!

And look at these lockers that were in the garage!

There were 2 of them.

Here they are in the barn.
I wish the rain would stop!

I know April  May Showers bring June flowers.......

So cute, and I do have the shelves.

Look at this cuteness,
a wooden tray!
Can't wait to paint that!

And this old Avon bottle.
How cute would this be with soap in it.
Gotta figure out what to do where it's chipped
on the lid. 

There were stacks of song books.

And your basic junk,
that I can't live without!!

Bet you can't tell what year I was born.....

 There were stacks and stacks of license plates. 
I tried to find some with The Boyfriends birth year
but, they didn't have license plates back then....

An old bed, for.........$10!!!!!
It's sideways in the barn,
but you get the idea.

The foot board and the side rails are in the corner.

I can't wait to shabby that bed up!!! 

Cute little vase.......


And in this trash bag

Old feed sacks.......
Can you contain yourself!!!! 

So far this one is my favorite!!

And as another tease.......
this is the rest of the junk!!!

Just crammed in the shed!! 
Rain please stop!!!! 
I must paint!!!

I am really excited about this table!!

And yes that is a bathtub in my yard!!
I put flowers in it in the summer 
and it's great for parties!
Fill it up with ice and it's a giant cooler!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Great Junkin Weekend!!

Happy Monday!

I have been crazy busy!!  I hit the best Estate Sale
in the world this weekend.

I'm talking 4 truck loads!! 

And 50% off Saturday at Good Will!!
That was crazy!!!  
People, junkers, like me get a little crazy!
Some of them were watching me like a hawk......
just waiting for me to
leave my cart alone so they could take something out of it!
I'm not kidding.....
Survival of the fittest at Good Will!!!

But no pictures yet.......sorry!
It was raining all weekend to I had to trap everything thing up.

The Boyfriend said I've officially now turned into 
"that yard".

You know the one.......
the one you drive by and say out loud......

"wow they really need to clean their yard"

"what is all that crap under those tarps"

"they need to be on that show, Hoarders"

New post to come this week, I promise,
but for today,
 I am posting my old post about my door knobs.



So I don't know why but
I love 
Door Knobs!  
Old, antique door knobs, that is.

I have kept them in baskets, put them on shelves for display......

and then one day it came to me!

I wonder if I could put them on my doors!

This is the bathroom door - front
These didn't have the "guts".
So I bought a real cheap door knob set at Home Depot 
and used it!

Bathroom door - other side

TV room - this knob I had forever!
My very first door knob.....I think I got it like 7 years ago!

And this is the other side of the TV room.
And yes, I love that they don't match!

Bedroom - these I found at a salvage yard 

Other side of bedroom door
It had the paint on it so I just left it!

This is the pantry door
It's the same on both sides.
I need to find some back plates for these!

So all the doors in my house have different door knobs!
How cute and shabby is that!

For someone like The Boyfriend, Mr. Matchy Match 
it bugs him so bad!! 

And this is why we will probably never be able to live in the same house!

Is it OK to be married and live in separate homes.......