Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Mother......

I lost my wonderful, really awesome, Mom on February 7, 2012.
She was 77 years old.

She had a stroke and passed away in her sleep.
My sister and I found her in bed.

We had a rule that she had to call me every morning so 
I could make sure she was up and around.

She didn't call that day.

My sister and I called and called.

We met at her house and went in together.

Actually, it was kind of nice to sit on her bed with her 
and say our good byes before we called 911.

We had been taking care of her for a long time.
Sometimes it was really hard...hearing the same story over and over.
 And getting use to all her new little "ways" she liked things done.

A while ago a huge calm came over me and I decided
I wasn't going to correct her any more.
I wasn't going to say, 
I know, you told me already.
I wasn't going to worry so much about cleaning her house,
fixing a meal, she wasn't going to eat.

I was going to spend more time just talking to her.
Watching TV with her, just sitting with her.

I'm glad I did.

When I wasn't at her house, I spoke with her twice a day.
We had good talks together, 
even if I had already heard the story.......

She always told me she loved me 
and I always told her.

I really miss her.