Monday, February 28, 2011

More Grandma stuff !!! My Gram's Recipes........

So last week or the week before Amy at All Things Home 
did a post on how she displayed her Grandmother's handwritten receipts.

If you didn't see it, check it out

I loved it!!!  What a great idea!!!

Amy and I chatted and told her how much I loved her idea!

If you haven't noticed my Gram and I were pretty close.
I miss her so much!  

I have her old recipe book and card file.

My Grandparents were from Des Moines, Iowa.

I'm not really sure how the 
Chicago Evening American Cook Book 
came into her hands.

But she showed it a lot of love..........

She had a bunch of recipes she cut from the paper and
her own recipe cards stuffed in here and her recipe box.

And then in the back she wrote a bunch of recipes!

Sooooooo, remember this from Christmas?

I ended up adding a lot of green branches to it and by Christmas it was full
of Christmas cards along with my vintage cards.

I dug it out of The Shed of Junk.........

Turned it to the other side......

Added some of Grams recipes, her old spice cans,
and some of her old kitchen stuff.........

Oh and I added a piece of trim for another little shelf
for the spice cans.

Gram also dated the back of the cards and added a comment
if it was good or not.
The dates are, 1929, 1934, 72 etc.

So cute!!!
Thanks Amy for such a great idea!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gram's Hankies, Why don't we carry them?

OK so I know in the age of disinfecting wipes, 
sanitary alcohol machines in public rest rooms,  
sanitary liquid soap....
we don't even have bar soap anymore!

But look,
 hankies were so lady like and so pretty

These were my Grandmother's 

Look how pretty......

This one I carried on my wedding day.......
my first wedding.......
(that's a whole other Oprah ladies)

And these,
Gram collected tooth pick holders!

She had a couple hundred!
She always had them in the window.

Anyway, back to hankies........

I am the queen of allergies,
I am allergic to air!

I carry packets of tissue in every purse.
I would never use a hankie with my nose it wouldn't be pretty....

but back then,
ladies wore hats, and gloves.....

Heeeey, maybe they were on to something with the gloves.....

I say bring back the hankie!

You with me??

**** insert cricket sound here****

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hiding Computer Wires

When you live in a really old house,
electrical outlets can be a problem

The first half of my house was the original house,
so there isn't anywhere to plug things in.

So when I'm not on the computer we have this..........

When I am working on the computer
we have this..........

and this........

And this...........
 And I know this is not 
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 

I have almost taken out my computer few times!!!

Oh and on a side note........
I know......... he's iron, and weighs a ton!
Cutest pig EVER!

Back to my post........

Hobby Lobby 50% off!!!

Taaaa Daaaa!

Add some spring cuteness!!

And there you have it!
Hidden computer cords!

I wonder how long before Tim the cat tears that apart.....

Being the "green", Tree Hugger, Earth Muffin 
that I am!
This is what I use at the grocery store.

Waste Management..........classy!!

Next time baskets are 50% off 
I'm gettin me another one!

How cute would that basket, bag be over my shoulder!??
I'll have fresh flowers hanging out of it when I shop!

How New Yorkie, France, Italy of me!

Green bag has gotta go!

Carry on!
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old Doors / Chicken Coop

Along with my obsession with old door knobs 
I have a thing for old doors too.

I use them for tables or just have them sitting in my yard...
more on that when it gets warm!

This is the door to my chicken coop!

Now that I'm looking at it.......
Sure looks ugly in the winter!

When it's "green" outside it looks much better!

Come on in and meet some of the girls!

This is Pearl.....

And this is Sweet Pea.
She likes to be held and rocked.
 She'll fall asleep in my arms.

Look closely at her eyes.....
Her eyes aren't like regular chicken eyes.
I think she's a very wise chicken.........

And, now she's done with me trying to get a picture of
her wise eyes.

I had 3 of these hens.
I called them 
The Supremes!

Unfortunately an evil fox........

Well........she doesn't like to talk about it.

And this is my buddy Rooster!
He loves to be held and follows me everywhere!

Most Roosters have a big red comb on top of their heads.......
Well, Rooster likes snow, 
he likes to be in the snow.....
and his comb got frost bit and fell off.

Now it looks like he has a crew cut!!

My hens lay white, brown, green and blue eggs!
There is nothing like real eggs! 

If you have never had farm fresh eggs you need to!

Farm fresh, range free, are the best!
Trust me, you will notice the difference!

Get yourself some chickens!
They are great pets and hilarious!!!
Watching a chicken run is the funniest thing ever!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award For ME???

Where You Hang Your Heart sent this award my way!

So on behalf of the academy I'd like to thank......

Cori  is new to blogland so please go check her out!
If anything just to see her son!!
Oh my gosh I just want to squeeze this face!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Table Top Tuesday

Today I thought I'd join this fun little party over at 

A Stroll Through Life Table Top Tuesday

I check in every Tuesday and then some....

Marty has great ideas and knows how to do anything and everything!
Just go through some of her past blogs!

I was going for a little spring, Valentines thang!

And if you're interested
Smarty Marty also did a blog on 

Answers to Header and Mosaic Maker

Thank you Marty!!
Awesome, I need all the help I can get!!!

Now if I can just figure out to 
make and grab a button........

When that happens, 
look out Funky Junk!!  ha
(Man, I tell ya, she knows everything)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day - Gram and Gramp's Valentine's

These hung on my Grandma's wall next her bed.

They were all from my Grandpa.

As a little girl staying the night at Grandma's,
I would always ask her to take them off the wall
so I could look at them.

They eloped, 
she was 16 and he was 17.....
They got arrested on their wedding night!

It was illegal to elope back then.

Front page news on the Des Moines paper!

On their 50th wedding anniversary my Grandpa brought a tin plate....

It was the plate he ate off of, that night in jail!

"His wedding supper plate"

He had kept it all those years!

How's that for a romantic Valentines story!

Oh and now the Valentines hang on my bedroom wall.


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Decorations = Torture!

I mentioned in my Christmas decorating blog how 
The Boyfriend had a fit over some simple little greenery added
in the bedroom to make it more Chritmasy!

It's Valentines Day.......

Let the torture begin!

This went by without too much said,
but he won't use the heart soap....

Then there was this!!!!!!

I was snowing and cold so I went for pink and spring!

The Boyfriend said "no way"

OK maybe the pillows were to much.....

All the sheets are from my favorite store and yours!


My BFF lives in Atlanta and we go straight from airport to IKEA!

I just love their sheets and you can buy just a fitted sheet, 
and just a flat sheet.
You don't have to buy the whole set.

I like my bed soft and fluffy.
Two feather mattresses, one feather comforter.
Squishy pillows, lots of them, all from IKEA.

No Military corners on my bed.

So anyway The Boyfriend wanted me to

"man up" 

the bed......

So I added Ted!

He's a boy!!!  
hee hee

Think I'm getting anything for Valentines Day......?