Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introducing A Fellow Blogger Modern Jane and Giveaway

The other day,  I was of course not working
......don't tell my boss....
and going through the tons of blogs I go through everyday.

Modern Jane had this really great blog on picture galleries

Check it out here

I really loved it and saved the photos.

Some are just tan, some are black and white. There is a white kitchen with
bright pictures and of course a beautiful purple and blue gallery from 
everybody's cutie Nate!

So that night I was thinking I need to do 
something like that on my walls.......

Duhhh........I already had

These are all family photos,
Great Grandparents, Great Uncles, Aunts and my parents.

So the moral of the story is,
I need to spend more time in my dinning room, 
and or quit thinkin the grass is greener....
I didn't do such a bad job! 

Take a look at Modern Jane's Blog 
I really enjoy it! You should see the before and after of her house,
the pillows she made....

And she also has a Giveaway going on right now

$20 Gift Card To CSN Stores!! 

Check it out here...


  1. Don't you love old family photos? My kids love looking at pictures of our family and asking, "who's that?" I have a photo of my grandfather when he was 2. He looks to be wearing a dress and has golden curly hair. My boys still don't believe that it's my gpa. Ha! What a fun display! I have plans to do this in our upstairs hallway!

    Thanks for sharing the blog. I'll go check it out!

    Take care!
    Michelle :)

  2. Wow aren't you lucky to have all of those heirloom photos. I only have a few, but they are smaller ones. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. I am now so one of your followers :)
    Hope to get to know you better.

  3. Hi Jane ~ Love all your family portraits! I'm now just going back through your archives and am thoroughly enjoying your blog. Thanks for your visit today. So nice to meet you ~ Lisa

  4. I love old photos and have a little stack that I was given most recently. I'd love to do a wall gallery except I'm fresh out of wall!! I love yours...I like the pictures mismatched like least that is how I'd do it.

    I am going to hop over to your link. Thanks so much for stopping by today!


  5. Love your blog and have just become a follower. I am so impressed with your candlestick/lamp you posted a few posts back. What a cleaver idea and I will admit, I am going to steal that idea. HOW CUTE!!!
    Have a great weekend, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  6. Hi Jane. Thank you for your great comment on my blog. :)
    I have not seen your blog before but I am so sold. I have read many posts now. You make me smile, with your witts and selv irony your good humor, and to top it fab junk, nice deoratins and fabulous DIY. I love it. So now I follow your blog and will add it to my blogroll.

  7. Hi Jane! I like your picture wall and you've arranged everything so well. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog and I also thank you for following my blog!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Thanks for the heads up on the blog! I'll be checking her out!

  9. That wall is beautiful Jane...There is nothing better than family photos making a statement in your decor...

    Take care,

  10. Great wall... you're lucky to have so many old family photos!

  11. Those old family photos are so beautiful! I love all the blacks and whites! You have a great wall!! My hubby convinced me to make one like this, but i don't know where to start... tough!!