Monday, June 27, 2011

More Ironstone! And A Special Treasure!

Last week I celebrated a little Birthday!

My Sister and I spent the day at our favorite Antique Mall!

I could not pass this up!!! 

Seriously, the chicks are salt and pepper shakers!!

And of course I added some more Ironstone!

Is is me... or does it seem Ironstone is getting more expensive.......?

I found one these bowls!! 
A little one, to add to my collection!

And the best find of the whole day!!!!!


A RAT TRAP!!!!!!

Look how big this sucker is!!!

We spotted it at the same time and my Sister had to give it up
because it was MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Doesn't the Rat Trap look just precious 
next to my Ironstone!

I think it fits in just perfect..........

Oh and I ordered my Chalk Paint on Friday at 2:30 

And it was delivered 
SATURDAY at 9:00 am!!!

How sweet is that!!!

I got the starter kit so I could get the book too.

This so awesome having a Chalk Paint dealer right here in Colorado!!

Here is Amber and Brads Blog,




  1. You got some good looking treasures there. Have fun with the chalk paint.

  2. The rat trap actually coordinates very well with your other treasures. It has a nice rustic look.

  3. cannot wait to try that paint myself! cool post...


  4. First of all those salt and pepper shakers are killing me-how freakin awesome! AND, where in Colorado are you anyway? I'm kickin it in Arvada.

  5. Yes!! Ironstone is getting more expensive...and harder to find! It seems like every antique store used to have at least a few ironstone pitchers but now you can visit a dozen stores and hardly see all. Your collection is great. And your rat trap...such a quirky, fun thing to display! Love it!

  6. If I had put a rat trap in my cabinet and my grandma had seen it she would be very chocked. ROFL:D
    i like it though. The patina. One xmas I put a ladder with driftwood patina next to the xmas tree and she totaly went selfspinning over that. LOL:D
    Ironstone is very sought after here as well. I managed to find a big bowl. The lady in the shop told me it was orginally two but the first buyer did not want the chipped one. Bad for her very good for me she left it because it makes it even moore beautiful in my eyes.:)
    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  7. i want to know about this chalk paint, let me know how it goes! do you want to give me a time to meet on the 9th so I can do a blog post and shout out to the co/wy bloggers? thanks!

  8. Your enorrrmous rat trap made me smile, alongside your beautiful white collection! It all looks lovely!

    And guess who I spent the day with yesterday??? Yes, Annie Sloan!! I was utterly star-struck and will be blogging away about it very soon!


  9. I love the ironstone and that little bowl is precious. The little peeps are cute too.
    Not so crazy about the rat trap, I gotta admit.
    Only cause rats gimme heebbie jeebies. Can't watch em on TV or even think about em.
    But I love your cubbards, they look like they are built ins. Really awesome.

  10. Oh the rat traps!:) Love the beautiful white collection! Great space you got here.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  11. Ahhh... LOL!! Rat trap.. that's what my mom used to call my mouth when I'd get outta line!!

    LOVE your deviled egg dish, that is just WAY too cute! And, of course, Ironstone.. there's nothing better than Ironstone.

    Thanks for stopping by RnR and leaving such an encouraging note for me ((HUGS))

  12. mmmmm okay, don't think I could do the rat trap but you made it work. Looks lovely !

  13. I don't have any Ironstone but would like to collect a few pieces. I do love the look of it. Not so sure about the rat trap! LOL You have a beautiful display. Stopping by from the Wow Us Wednesday party. :)

  14. Oops, I meant the Making the World Cuter Party! :)

  15. That crazy rat trap made me laugh out loud...I can just picture you and your sister fighting over it :) Fun finds! Laurel

  16. No, I would not buy it! lol, but I do love and would buy the dishes and your cabinet looks great! And my sisters wouldn't buy it either....Lezlee

  17. What a variety - ironstone and a rat trap!?

    Thanks for linking up to my party :-)

  18. Ironstone yes... rat trap no... sorry, couldn't do it, even it it was old and rusty!

  19. I love those salt and pepper shakers- will be so cheerful on a breakfast table !!
    Thank you so, so much for your kindness and super sweet comments on my blog about my lovely cat Gibson, I can't say how touched I was and how much I appreciate it in this difficult time.

  20. Great treasures, I must say that I would have let my sister keep the rat trap. Have fun painting with the chalk paint. I do like it, but I have yet to use their wax.

  21. Oh I can't wait to see what project you tackle first.

    I will be in Colorado next week and can't wait!

    Happy 4th!

  22. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks old mice and rat traps are cool looking. I picked one up at a flea market to look at it and the lady next to me actually screamed! She said she couldn't believe I would pick up that old, disgusting thing. She'd never make it as a picker!!

  23. Haha... the old rat trap made me laugh -- and go Eeek just a little. Did you boil it before putting it on your shelves? Yikes... it seems to have been (ahem) USED.

    Yes, ironstone is getting crazy expensive in some areas. I'm glad I got quite a bit from my Mom.

    thanks for visiting That Old House, and have a Happy Fourth!

  24. I have to agree, that is one big rat trap *shutters* Don't think I could do that, but hey, it works for you! LOVE the ironstone! Have fun with your chalk paint!

    Back Porch Blessings,