Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm A Bad Blogger..........

Wow I miss everybody so much!

I haven't been on here in forever!!!

I have had a few changes in my world.  My wonderful Mother has taken that turn in life where I am now the parent.  

She is still on her own, but we don't want to leave her alone.

I have been doing her laundry and paying her bills for some time now but within the last few months she needs more attention.  My sister and I take turns every other day taking care of her.

Nobody tells you about this part, and as a kid you sure never think about it.  
It's hard, really hard.  

It's hard hearing the same story over and over, it's hard telling her she has to take a shower, it's hard getting her eat something other than ice cream!  And it's hard looking at her across the table wishing she was the old Mom.  Not that her mind is all the way gone but she's different now.  

And my job is really busy!  I got a raise, HELLO!  With all the blogging I was doing at work, that was a shock!  Thank goodness I haven't been caught yet! ha 

So with my Mom and that place I have to go to that pays the bills, I haven't had time to work on any of my projects. I am so behind!  I have so much furniture stacked up that I need to get to. 

AND I haven't even changed my house to FALL!!!!
Can you imagine!!  

Thank you for sticking by me and not un-following me!  I promise I'll get my mo-jo back soon!

I feel like I know you all personally and I have been a really bad friend for not checking in.

I miss everybody so much.


  1. Oh Jane, I feel for ya and your sis. I took care of my Grandfather in his later years. In fact he even moved to Florida with us to live at the time. Hang in there, at least you have your sister to help. Take it easy and congrats on the raise too.

  2. Jane, I am right there with you with my mom, who is 86. Everyday at 4, when I get off work I go over and make her an Ensure Plus shake with ice cream and yogurt...she had gotten down to 85 pounds, but is up to 96, now. She says the same things too, and gets her calendar all crazy mixed up. I took really good care of her when I was off this summer, but we are worried now. We are in that hard in between spot, like you. I will pray for you. Lezlee

  3. Life happens and no need to apologize! Hang in there....you are doing what you need to do... when my mom was in her final months, weeks, days....she became my life, every thing else went to the back burner..but you know, as stressful as it was at the time, I look back now and am sooooo glad I was there for her and I had that time with her....I will gladly do it again when it becomes my dad's turn.

  4. Hi friend! Yes, I have missed you but I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. Hang in there girlfriend. Channeling some love and prayers your way! Welcome back but take it easy. Your friends will be here when you get back into the swing of things!

  5. Jane, that must be such a struggle. Life just doesn't seem fair sometimes. :( Don't worry about us. We are patient. You just take care of yourself and your family.

  6. Your personal life and your dear mother must come first. We're all out here and always will be. You're so lucky that you can be there for her as hard as it is sometimes. Blessings to all of you!!

  7. miss you girl, but your mom is more important than us! we'll still be here when you need us. xx

  8. sure did miss you quip and ideas! glad you are back!

  9. Hi there!!!! I've missed you! Sorry to hear your mom is not doing the best. That stinks.

  10. This was a turn in life yes. And yes, it is hard. I hope my mum never ends up needing so much help. It is so hard for everyone, including herself.
    Jane we all know that life takes turns, and blogging is a hobby.Hobbies tends to be less important when our loved ones get sick. It does not matter. I will not unfollow you. If you dont se me on your follower list is due to a problem I am havin on blogspot.I fall out of every blog I follow, so it is not just you okay.
    Try making time for yourself in all of this, it is so important, you need your strenght and you gain that from doing things that make you happy.
    Congrats on your raise.Haha pretty hillarious you have blogged at work. Giggles. Dont all do that sometimes, I have read that in many blogs hehe..I have been a bit buzy myself. My Etsy shop has been buzy and making my things takes time. My kids have had their birthdays,, ah you know the drill, cleaning all the house before the critical eyes of the grandmas entering. ;-)
    I wish you all the strenght in the world.Sending a lot of love and kisses. <3


  11. I have you beat it the BAD BLOGGER I am terrible at posting on my own blog by the time I get done reading everyone else's I am tired of the computer

  12. So sorry about your mama. Boy, it's hard when our parents go through sicknesses. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer back in the summer. Bad stuff...

    God bless you as you take care of your mom.

  13. I just found you and my heart goes out to you. I took care of my parents for 5 years. My mom starting with some dementia 8 years ago and then she suffered a stroke during which time my dad became very ill and almost died. After several weeks, we had to put mom in a nursing home to take care of him. I worked in the NH and I was able to love her and take care of her with me for 2 years before she passed away. She never got where she didn't recognize me. In the end, they found a rare kind of breast cancer that spread rapidly. She had her wishes written out years ago so we need to let her go with dignity. It's the hardest think I have ever been through, but God has been with us. My prayers are with you as you take this journey.