Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Surprises For Me...........

So the wonderful blogger 
hosted an auction.  
She had so much great stuff!!

I got these two beautiful tablecloths!!!

Yes, pink and purple!!!  I love them!!

(again with the professional photography, 
ipod cord, don't worry Anne your job is safe)

So, so pretty!!

And of course Laura included a smelly!
Very nice......and smells so good!

So now what to do..........

Antique dishes I use for Easter....

On the pink tablecloth........

 Then the purple.......
the pink tablecloth fit my huge table perfect
and the purple is a regular square, 
so I added Gram's lace tablecloth under it.

I love these little plates,
Crate and Barrel 

And these, Anthropologie, 
I love, love them!!

Or maybe I should use these bad boys....
plates, $1 and glasses, 50 cents!

Throw in some of Grams Easter eggs......

Two tablecloths, lots of dishes........
I'm thinking at least 2 Easter Dinners this year!!!!

Bring on the Ambrosia Salad!!!

And I know ya'll know Laura at Decor To Adore,
her blog is amazing!!!! 
She did a blog on cakes, 
It was really interesting.
Then her daughter decided her new style was 
you have to read that one!

Check Decor To Adore out,
it's a wonderful blog and you may learn something!!


  1. I'm cracking up at, Bring on the Ambrosia Salad!!! My aunt used to make it all the time for family gatherings when I was a kid, that and carrot raisin salad. She always went home with the same amount she came with! LOL!!!!

    Your tablecloths are very pretty! They look great with the lace cloth underneath! I love your place settings too!

  2. Lovely place settings...I really like those crate and barrel plates!!!

  3. You can set a mean table, Jane! Just beautiful! Grams Easter eggs are too cute! I am really loving those Crate and Barrel plates, too. Mmm hmmm... I know where I'll be heading this weekend :)

  4. Love the plates and the eggs are wonderful. Beautifully done. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. Ooh ooh! The purple tablecloth! I am so glad that you enjoyed them.

    Thank you SO much fo the shout out! xo

  6. So pretty, reminds me of the holiday dinners we had when children, when all the grandparents and cousins, aunts, uncles were together, Celeste,thevictoriantailor.blogspot.com

  7. Jane,

    Thanks for the sweet comments! I laughed and laughed about the painted stool. That sounds just like me, in a hurry to be done. I really like those beautiful, antique dishes. Lucky you, living in CO. My daughter lives in Denver.


  8. Thank you Jane for visiting me back. I want to mention there is no link to your blog when you follow a blog, maybe you can fix it.

  9. What a sweet Spring table. Such pretty linens and dishes too! Hoppy Spring!XO

  10. Beautiful linens and Grams eggs are soooo pretty, the china is too. Enjoy both of your Easter dinners:)