Friday, April 8, 2011

Read Directions FIRST - Big Purple MESS!

So the fabulous Kristy at Hyphen Interiors did this blog on painting material!

It turned out wonderful!!!

Kristy's chair before

and after

It looks amazing!!!!

So I found this a Good Will

I need a stool for my closet to reach the top shelf.
I want to do a whole closet make over!

Look at the truly lovely material!

I've always said I want a big purple, velvet chaise lounge 
in my closet..........

So I got the paint 

and I painted...........


I'm an idiot!!
I was just so excited.......

Yep, it's hard and it's sticky!

Remember that babysitter you had that made you drink powdered milk 
and she had plastic all over her furniture......well it's like that!!!

You didn't have that babysitter....well I did......
and that horrible childhood memory is the first thing I thought of!

So I'll be hitting all the Good Will shores in search of a new stool!!

Kristy is there any way I can save it??


  1. I love this post so much! I adore posts that show mistakes. We all make them! And, I related to this one well because I'm a super enthusiastic person and have done similar things!! Really made me smile. How to save it? I haven't done this myself, but you COULD try to wax it and have a leathery looking finish. Those ruffle are going to be hard to paint, though!

  2. Oh, and I love that you went straight for a bold color like purple!! (Us enthusiastic people just jump right in sometimes... but at least we can try again.) Still smiling from your post.

  3. I agree, it's fun to see others share their mistakes. This sounds like exactly something I would do! Just too much in a hurry and too excited to get it done! Anyway, good luck!

    visiting from MMS.

  4. So know what you mean about the directions AFTER the attempt - been there done that ;) lol! No doubt you'll figure it all out and it'll look great!


  5. Did you forget to spray the area down with water first??? That's the only thing I can think of as to why it turned hard like that!

  6. ops its so hard when you are excited not to get carried away & its good to see that sometimes people make mistakes I was starting to think everyone in blogland was incredibly clever & crafty it was making me feel unworthy so thanks for sharing this honest post everyone will love you for it. Have a great weekeknd

  7. Oh no, if at first you don't succeed... You'll fix it and it will be just great!!!

  8. Ok that chair is AMAZING!!!! Sorry about the stool. That is me.. I get so excited and then.... UGH!!! I have to do it all over again. Oh well at least you can have fun hunting for a treasure again.

    Have a great one!

    Oh yeah.. that type of sitter SUCKS!!!!! I had her too but only a few times. And BOY was that enough!!

  9. Oh Jane ... you didn't even need to post with words ... your pictures said it all! Good luck finding a new stool!

  10. It's wonderful, what I can see on your new photos of the last posts … so beautiful insights … !!!

    I wish you a wonderful start of the week!


  11. I can so relate to this. I get so impatient to see the end result that I often end up really making a mess of things! I hope you can salvage it - it's a very sweet little stool! x Sharon

  12. That chair is pretty cool. I can see why you were so eager to get started on your stool after seeing the chair. Sorry it didn't work for you. I wonder if the fabric medium is the key? Oh, well you can try again on something else. Maybe make that stool into a plant stand for outside!

  13. Hola Jane, you do so great furniture redo´s, I love them!!! I come from Cielo´s blog and I´m participating too for the first time. Nice meeting you!!!
    hugs from Chile

  14. I do this all the time. I get some time to do something and then just do it! Often some research or planning would be helpful but it isn't as fun as just getting in there and getting something done!

  15. LOL It's so nice when you can laugh at yourself. I've had a few projects that I did and then redid, and then redid again! I know how ya feel!

  16. This is truly funny! Sorry that your stool didn't turn out as planned. I sure hope you can find another one and it give it another shot.

    Yes, I had the babysitter with the plastic covered furniture. She watched t.v. evangelists all day too. GOod times! LOL

    Can't wait for you guys to visit. Or rather, I need to visit you. Ikea... Hello!

  17. I have had a few projects with the right intentions but turn into a flop in the end. I guess that is how we learn and grow.

  18. You are so funny....sorry it didn't turn out as you time!!

  19. Jane you are too funny...."help can I save it"....probably not!! I am so guilty of doing the same thing...sometimes I look at directions and think "who needs them"...High 5 girl...give it another try!!! Thanks for making my night!

  20. So something I would do. Love that color though! You should absolutely stick with that the next time around!

  21. I've been overly enthusiastic myself a time or two and made a big boo boo. No worries, its still a cute little stool, maybe you could reupholster it? Thanks for stopping by visit again soon.

  22. Mentioned your fabulous adventure today in a post. Thanks for giving painting a shot!!

  23. I just wanted to let you and your readers know that I posted your painted project on my page with examples of painted upholstery! I linked right to you so they could find more information on your blog. Hope you don't mind.