Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm baaack!!!

What a wonderful vacation, more on that later........

I WAS there........

Here we are heading for the door!

We waited till around noon to head over.
We hoped by then all the crazies were gone........not so much!

You would not believe how many people spent the night in the parking lot!
For DAYS.......just to be first in line.

OK, the first 150 people got a sofa and a chair.......but still,
it was a parking lot PEOPLE!!!

(Truth be told, I was busy in Cancun.....
and don't own a tent 
or I probably would have been there too)

All the new stations were there!

The parking was full and the were busing people in from the mall next door.

It was REALLY crazy!

I really like this tile....... kitchen remodel in my future????

I really want this rug......
I am so into PINK!
What am I a 12 year old girl........?

Took a picture of this rug for the 
"Man Room"  The Boyfriend is demanding!

Oops it has flowers......but it's BROWN!
Brown is a big MAN color!

I liked this one too.......

And really when it comes down to it....
like he's going to get anything he wants in that room!! 

Silly, silly MAN!

This was all I came home with!

A few candles, candle holders and some Tupperware.

Well, not Tupperware, IKEAware!!

This is me and my shopping assistant after a huge day at IKEA!

This was truly one of the happiest days of my LIFE!!



  1. You are so funny!Believe car and my air conditioner broke last week and ate up my little Ikea grand opening budget! BOOOOO However, I will be there with bells on next month. This is killing me.....

  2. I love Ikea! The closest one to me is over an hour away. I feel a road trip coming soon.

  3. I believe if I am to post about my 1st trip to would be exactly the same as above...I am normal mom until I walk thru the Ikea door - I turn insane!

  4. I love your humor, but really (what man is fool enough to ever think any decor is about him?! LOL
    Ikea is the bomb!!!
    Thanks for stopping by and entering the give away, best of luck!

  5. Look at that crowd!! I like Ikea too and only get there when I go visit my sister in Dallas. She lives literally 5 minutes from an Ikea and never goes!! Hard to believe we're related :)
    Glad you had a wonderful vacation!

  6. Really nice to hear your appreciation of Ikea.

    Regards to you all from the Swedish Ikealady

  7. so funny!
    gorgeous gorgeous blog!
    take care,

  8. Oh I haven't been to IKEA in so long. Hope you had the meatballs in the cafe. :)

  9. I'm so jealous! I've never even stepped in an IKEA. You'd think Nashville would have one, but Atlanta's is the closest one to me!

  10. love IKEA. when we first moved to Atlanta i was there every weekend. that place rocks. glad you have one close by to you too. enjoy your weekend.

  11. People are shocked to find out how much Ikea is in our old house. I love Ikea!!! (Our Ikea was the first one to open in the US, I think.)

    Way back when, when cell phones were huge and the Internet didn't exist, my sister and I spent the night in the local mall parking lot to be in line when the doors opened to buy tickets to see Garth Brooks in concert. There was a drunk guy somewhere behind us in line who sang 'Friends in Low Places' over and over and over and over ... I still can't listen to that song.

  12. This most be so exciting for the people in that city.