Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Odds and Ends.......

So last weekend I met up with 


If you don't know these ladies you need to check out their blogs.

It was the first time we had ever met.  
We had such a FUN time. We shopped, laughed and ate!

We went to an antique market called Paris Street,
in Boulder, CO.

Tammy made out like a bandit, 
Sommer and I ......nada!

Here we are!  
Sommer, Tammy and me.

(Note to self, white makes you look fat in photos)

If you read Tammy's blog you know she's a million miles
hour all the time and believe me she's that way in real life!  
She's crazy, I wish I had her energy!!!  

And I'm pretty sure I have Sommer talked in to becoming a chicken farmer!!

Speaking of which.........

Remember these babies......

They are growing up fast!
Nice photo, 
there's a little Chicken Moon from brown chick 2!

Look at brown chick 1, she looks like she's yelling at me!

Oh and guess what.......

I decided to turn an old barn into a work space!

This stuff needed to get out of the house
before The Boyfriend snapped!! 

I think it has potential......

I hope me and the black widows, the wasps, and the
bats can work in peaceful harmony......

Better call the Bug Man!

And did I mention........

This is me the 19th - 26th!!

Returning the 26th to make the grand opening
on JULY 27th of


  1. What fun to meet up with other bloggers. And you do not look fat! You look great! Your barn space looks fabulous.


  2. Hi Jane!
    I had a lot of reading up to do now. oh my gosh I missede out so many lovely posts.
    This looks like a very fun day. I must admit I am green of envy of all the barn sales and markets you have. I so wish I had a huge amount of money, empty house and tre containers ready to fill up and ship home.LOL! Nice to see your face too.

  3. I always love to hear about other bloggers getting to meet up in person. We are planning a "Meet & Greet" in the Phoenix area in the Fall. Can't wait!

  4. omg girl! i want to farm chickens too! i had the best time getting to know you, if i can get a sitter i'll be with you at Ikea! xx

  5. oh, and you look beautiful, but i'm rethinking stripes! lol

  6. Oh, I wish I had a barn to use as a workshop, but call that bugman!!! Looks like you had so much fun with Tammy and Sommer!!! FUN!!!

  7. Oh my gosh I was totally thinking the same thing about the stripes! LOL And yes I just love your chickens and already talking to the hubby about how I can get some to call my very own lol. xx