Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where is Jane?

Wow I have been crazy busy.....
and not with my furniture stuff! 

Taking all that time off for vacation was not smart!
It took over a week to clean my desk!
Job security....... I guess

And last weekend we took my nephew to college!

I rode with him and his parents followed.
And I gotta tell ya, there are a few rap songs that I did enjoy!

The dorm and the essentials.......snowboard!

The Nephew and his roommate putting together dressers!

Now that was hilarious!!

Three hours later and one almost cut off thumb......
 The Bother in Law was injured early on!

Taylor Swift poster from Aunt Jane......
Hey The Roommate LOVED it!!

The good bye photo......

Me, The Nephew, My Sister

I think my Bother In Law was a little misty eyed....
he took the photo.......

I cried more than the parents did!!

I promise I'll be back soon!!


  1. Awww what a good auntie you are! Me, I was hollaring "freedom" as I left my youngest in the line for kindergarden lol. I can't wait for college! Ha!

  2. I bet you are one favorite aunt!! I just got back last night from taking my son back to school. He's in an apartment this year with two other guys and it was fun helping them get their place together. It is hard saying goodbye but with cell phones, skype, e-mails etc., I never feel too far away.

  3. congratulations to your nephew!! my daughter started h.s. this year. knowing that college is not too far away makes me weepy too.