Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Great Grandmother's Journal 1898

I have been such a bad blogger!
I've been having to actually work at my job 
and have just no time for blogging! 

The other I was dusting, no I really was......
and my Great Grand Grandmothers journal caught my eye.

When I was young I would spend the night at my 
Grandparents house whenever I could.
Great memories, Gram let me watch Star Trek!
We would also sit on the patio and Grandpa would read to me from his Mother's Journal.
I loved it! 
 I would picture her and everything in my mind.

Here's some entries.

Diary beginning July 19, 1891
Miss Effie M. (Mae) Collins

She would have been 21 years old.

Sunday July 19 - at home  Oscar rode up in buggy 

Oscar would be my Great Grandfather, he would have been 22 years old.

27.  Did big washing, baking, scrubbing etc.
Adda and Kate came down in pm.  Charlie stepped on a nail.

 29. no coal, no school, heavy snow all day 
worked on quilts

Effie Mae was a teacher.  
She writes on each day how many pupils were there.
Seven pupils today, nine pupils, 
can you even imagine a class that small!!

17. Oscar went to Platte for hay, in eve went to town in wagon
I saw a balloon. Came back home 

18. at home all day Oscar cut oaks

19. Wash day   Helga came form me I went down for dinner. Then she came up we worked on quilts.  Uncles went to Hackberry 

20. Ironed all day and quilted
6. home all day  Oscar making sled

7. At home all day  Oscar went hunting

8. went to church

9. in bed most of am   ironed and patched

10. at home all day  Oscar fixing sled  darned socks

11. in bed all am 

20. Oscar and I home all day

21. sick  went for Dr. baby born 5 o'clock pm 
Mother came 

22. wash day   Mother dressed baby

23.  baked bread, apple butter, Mother dressed baby

What!??  She just popped out a baby 
and went back to washing the next day!

Think about it TV, no TIVO, no Housewives of ANYWHERE!
Not only that, but she walked back and fourth 
from the school she taught at.
Both ways in the snow
(OK I added the snow part, but there was snow, it was Iowa)
Sometimes Oscar was able to pick her up in a buggy.

There are entries were Oscar was calling on her 
and there was a chaperone!! 

I can't even imagine life back then.

Remember my dinning room photos.

Here is Effie Mae, Oscar and Lambert.

Here are all their children.
My Gramps is the baby in white.
Lambert is in back, he was the oldest.
 And in this picture, Oscar is in the middle of the back row.
That is his family.

I sure wish I could go back and talk to everybody!
How cool would that be!! 


  1. Hi Jane ~ Thanks for stopping by today, I love your post, what a Family Treasure to have a Journal like this, I would have loved to know the day by day going on of long gone relatives.... What a True Treasure~ btw, I will be sharing more of my trip south, was there for almost 3 weeks & took over 700 photos (well, only half aren't blurry!)
    Have a wonderful week

  2. Very cool! What an amazing record of your family history!

    Have a great day.

  3. Jane,
    How lucky you are to have such a special journal and wonderful photos to learn about and remember your family! Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower! I'm your newest follower also and will be back to visit often

  4. What an amazing journal! I adore things like this. They're priceless!Her entries are great! It was quite a different time! Thanks for sharing your treasure!

  5. Love this post! I also loved staying with my grandmother during the summers and would sit many times on her porch in the evenings as she would do mending. Such wonderful memories!! You are lucky to have her journal!

  6. What a fabulous treasure...and I just love it that your Grandfather read this to you when you were young! What wonderful peeks into the simple old time life....delicious!
    Thanks for stopping by to see my Chicken Mansion.

  7. hi Jane,
    Wow, Your Grandmother's journal is a treasure. It must be so heartwarming to sit and let your Grandmother's words take you back in family history. To read what she did everyday is awesome, and like you my jaw dropped at the thought of how hard life was, go have a baby and go right back to one's daily activity. Thanks for sharing your treasure and photos.

    The French Hutch

  8. Wow what a treasure! How nice to have those memories from your family!
    Thanks for sharing it with us Jane!
    With love Susanne

  9. Super cool. I love that you have a diary and photos! And... your grandpa used to read it to you. Very special.

  10. amazing post! i wish i had a journal, that is great treasure. i do have a ton of family photos, i wish i could go back and meet them all.

    funny how she popped out a baby and went back to work, by the 1940's woman got to spend 7-10 days in a hospital bed while nurses took care of the baby.

    makes me miss my Papa!

  11. Love the journal and the fact that you have such fond memories of reading it! We have a diary of my great great grandmother's travels on the wagon train to Oregon. This summer the kids and I read it as we sped across the highways in our A/C'd Suburban!

  12. I am so with you....I would love to go back and talk with my ancestors. I am especially intrigued with the time period your g-grandmother's journal was from. You have a very special treasure, a small glimpse into your family's way of life. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. I love that you have such a treasure. I wish I had something like that from my Grandma. I miss her!

  14. Jane, if it would be possible to go back to talk with the people, it would be very difficult to explain your own daily life ;).

    But it's so great to have good memoirs. Thanks for sharing the pics and diary notes!


  15. I'm catching up on my blog reading today and I'm so glad I found your post! Such sweet your comments!!! Thanks for sharing....It makes us appreciate how our ancestors lived and what we have today because of them!

  16. Your neighbor Judi is an etsy friend. She shared your blog address. I hope you don't mind. I immensly enjoyed your grandmother's journal and the pics of your home decor. I think we're kindred spirits............

  17. Oh Jane....what a treasure you have! Makes you want to start a journal up for your future Great, Great Grandkids!! THanks so much for sharing that with us!!

  18. I LOVED reading every word of this post!! Thank you for sharing!! You should really write a book from this!!=) I love, love old journals and couldn't stop laughing when you wrote, "What? she popped out a baby and went back to housework the next??" Those were some days!!!
    Merry Christmas