Thursday, March 3, 2011


So Lisa at Serendipity Chic and I were chatting 
and she asked me what was up with my IKEA!
I had also been chatting with Kindra, At Home With K 
( who went dumpster diving last night, 
you have got to read her post today, HILARIOUS!!!  )

Anyway I invited Kindra out for the Grand Opening!  
She's in Nebraska, which is close!

So it got me thinking, who else is close?
We could make a Blog Party out of it!!!
How fun would that be?

As you can see we have some time to plan........

The Colorado IKEA is located next to the Park Meadows Mall, 
in Lone Tree, CO.
There is a hotel 2 blocks away!

Has anybody ever gone to an IKEA Grand Opening?
Would we be taking our lives into our own hands?
Would we be trampled to death.......


  1. You will like Ikea! I've been a big fan since the 80's but even more so now. They have changed their designs completely which I'm glad.

  2. Good luck at the ikea opening, hope ya'll survive....... I have not been to an ikea yet..I have to go soon, thanks for stopping by my blog, I am following you!

  3. Being that it is the first to enter Colorado, I think you better wear a helmet :)

    I can't wait. I'll join you someday in the fall.

    We had one about 15 minutes away from our old house in IL. Definitely miss it!

    Hope you found some dumpster treasures! xx

  4. What fun that is going to be! I have to agree with Michelle about wearing a helmet, may want to add some football padding to that as well. I'm just sayin'..... ;))


  5. Come on girls - we could make a human wall!

    Michelle you are so going!

    We could make matching helmets!!! ha

  6. Hmmm...a road trip does sound like fun. :)

  7. i would love to meet you! i'm in Castle Rock. it would be a blast.