Monday, May 2, 2011

I've Joined The Drop Cloth Bandwagon!

First of all I really hate it when my JOB interferes with my blogging!!

HELLO.....I've been so busy doing the stuff I get paid for 
I haven't been posting or checking in on everybody.

Checking in on all of you everyday
 is........ is......
Like a drug!
Like catnip is to cats, 
like oats are to horses,
 like a bone is to a dog, 
like ants are to picnics......... you get the idea!
I feel so lost, 
I feel like I've missed so much!!!
I may have to take a day off just to get caught up with you guys!!

SO now on to my 
 Drop Cloth cuteness!

Got some cheap cushions from the Walmart!

Took em' to my trusty sewing neighbor!

She did such a fancy job! 
Little velcro tabs on the backside.

I had her sew some different sizes 
so they weren't all matchy, match!

Cute, Cute 
I love them!!

So here I am 
now a proud member of
the Drop Cloth Club!! 


  1. Love working with drop clothes, they are cheap and so fun to work with and create something cool..just like you did.

  2. Welcome to the club :D They look great, Jane. Easy to care for, too. Drop cloth slipcovers are the best!

  3. I see drop cloth projects all the time, yet I haven't tried using it for myself. Your chair pads look great. So nice that you have a friend that sews.

  4. Looking good Jane! Sometimes I think I would love to have a job. I did apply a couple weeks ago at a rug store to sell rugs. They never called, maybe thats a good thing. I love my drop cloth couch cover. I couldnt live without it! When you have messy teenagers and doggies you really need Drop CLOTHS!! lol

  5. Very cute idea - I haven't tried anything with drop clothes...YET! LOL! It's on my list :O)

  6. You know Jane I never did blog about my couch cover.All I did was buy one at Lowes and I came home and threw it over my couch. I was thinking today after reading your post it would be fun to paint something cool on it. I might still do just that:)

  7. I'm really wanting to try something with drop cloths. What a great idea to use as chair pads.
    Marianne :)

  8. Hi Jane,
    I've never done a drop cloth project yet....I think I need to join the club! The chair pads look wonderful and your neighbor did a nice job sewing them....the velcro closure is a great idea so you can wash when needed. I need a neighbor like that (although I do have my mom).
    I know what you mean about working getting in the way of blogging :) But we know what pays the bills!
    Have a great day!

  9. They look great and an easy project too! Thanks for dropping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.