Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Will Been Very, Very GOOD To Me

I have found such awesome stuff at Good Will lately!

All this for under $15!!!

Sand er down......

And you too........

Close up views.....before......

And after......
Days and days of sanding, till my arms were numb,
painting and then of course
messing it all up,
or as we call it
adding the shabbiness!

We have all this cuteness!!

And my pride and joy!
It was hard to take this one to the store.........

That shelf turned out so, so cute!!!!

I took everything here........

We call it "The Big CK"
Cotton Kloset!

It's my sister's consignment store!

Not your regular consignment store.........
they only take in quality items and 
lots of great furniture!!  
And lots of antiques!!!! 

They have been voted the best consignment store in
Denver, like 4 years in a row!!!

Some days I come in here and spend all the money
I just made!!! 

If you are ever in Parker, CO stop by!!

Oh and the mirrors sold as I was carrying them in 
and the shelf was drawing a crowd!

It was to painful to tell it good bye.......
I had to leave!
I don't know who it went home with!
I'm sure it will be very happy!


  1. Cute finds & store. Must be nice to have a place to sell your stuff and make some extra money!

  2. I'm tired just looking at all the work you did! I need some of your energy!!! Love the shelf!!!

  3. Awesome finds and makeovers! Goodwill is the place to be on 1/2 price day! The shelf turned out really cute. I will have to check out your sister's store, if I ever make it to Parker. Looks really nice!

    Have a great week!
    ~Michelle :)

  4. What a score for you and all for $15.00!! I liked what you did to all of your finds, but I really liked that sweet little flower holder...thanks for sharing:o)

  5. Wow you made out like a bandit! Great transformations. Nice consignment shop! It looks so organized and clutter free :)

  6. Adorable. i love the shelf with the plate rack on top... And the pegs in it. Perfect. shipping to N.J.? What would that be ? I love it!

  7. You have a good eye. It's great you are supporting Good Will AND recycling!

  8. Great finds and you did an awesome job transforming them into beauties!

  9. Great Finds! Everything came out wonderfully! The store looks great. I am sure you will sell it quickly!

  10. really did have good luck...great refinishes for all...

    Take care,

  11. Great finds and love the store! Thanks so much for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  12. OH MY...I would be her 2nd top shopper knowing you are first!!! Wish there were stores like this in my area!!!

  13. Hi Jane,

    You surely did find a great deal, and had I not seen the potential in pieces like that (thanks to your wonderful refinish) I'd never think to look at those twice. How lucky you are to be able to sell them at your sisters shop :)

    Glad to tell you that you made the TOP 10 at my blog.....

    I loved this so much I FEATURED you, I hope it puts a smile on your face.

    Come grab a button girl, and display it proudly!

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    Thanks so much for your support,
    Bella :)