Monday, May 16, 2011

Great Junkin Weekend!!

Happy Monday!

I have been crazy busy!!  I hit the best Estate Sale
in the world this weekend.

I'm talking 4 truck loads!! 

And 50% off Saturday at Good Will!!
That was crazy!!!  
People, junkers, like me get a little crazy!
Some of them were watching me like a hawk......
just waiting for me to
leave my cart alone so they could take something out of it!
I'm not kidding.....
Survival of the fittest at Good Will!!!

But no pictures yet.......sorry!
It was raining all weekend to I had to trap everything thing up.

The Boyfriend said I've officially now turned into 
"that yard".

You know the one.......
the one you drive by and say out loud......

"wow they really need to clean their yard"

"what is all that crap under those tarps"

"they need to be on that show, Hoarders"

New post to come this week, I promise,
but for today,
 I am posting my old post about my door knobs.



So I don't know why but
I love 
Door Knobs!  
Old, antique door knobs, that is.

I have kept them in baskets, put them on shelves for display......

and then one day it came to me!

I wonder if I could put them on my doors!

This is the bathroom door - front
These didn't have the "guts".
So I bought a real cheap door knob set at Home Depot 
and used it!

Bathroom door - other side

TV room - this knob I had forever!
My very first door knob.....I think I got it like 7 years ago!

And this is the other side of the TV room.
And yes, I love that they don't match!

Bedroom - these I found at a salvage yard 

Other side of bedroom door
It had the paint on it so I just left it!

This is the pantry door
It's the same on both sides.
I need to find some back plates for these!

So all the doors in my house have different door knobs!
How cute and shabby is that!

For someone like The Boyfriend, Mr. Matchy Match 
it bugs him so bad!! 

And this is why we will probably never be able to live in the same house!

Is it OK to be married and live in separate homes.......


  1. You have me so curious...four truck loads? Wow! I love your doorknobs, and I "get it." I was once known as "The Doorknob Lady" and still find it difficult to pass them's an obsession:-) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your doorknobs, Jane! They are super cute! I don't think they need to be matchy matchy. That adds to the quaint factor. Our house has very similar knobs. They are all dark but I think they are brass underneath. A friend told us that we should polish them. I don't agree... I like the aged look.
    I think you can live in separate houses... you'd have 2 to decorate that way, HAAAA!

  3. Can't wait to see your 4 truckloads! WOW!!! Love the doorknobs! Why can't he understand? Just give him a man-cave and you decorate the rest!!! :)

  4. Cool door knobs! I am also excited to see your finds! Sounds amazing!

  5. The answer to that question is yes. Your doorknobs are pretty.

  6. Sounds like you hit the jackpot! My goodness that is a lot of things. Love the door knobs. We replaced every door knob in our house with vintage glass knobs and I love them.

  7. Okay, Jane -- I may just come knocking to have a look-see!

  8. Yes. I recommend being married and living in separate homes. (smile)

  9. love the old door knobs and the plates great idea to use on your doors. love it.