Monday, February 28, 2011

More Grandma stuff !!! My Gram's Recipes........

So last week or the week before Amy at All Things Home 
did a post on how she displayed her Grandmother's handwritten receipts.

If you didn't see it, check it out

I loved it!!!  What a great idea!!!

Amy and I chatted and told her how much I loved her idea!

If you haven't noticed my Gram and I were pretty close.
I miss her so much!  

I have her old recipe book and card file.

My Grandparents were from Des Moines, Iowa.

I'm not really sure how the 
Chicago Evening American Cook Book 
came into her hands.

But she showed it a lot of love..........

She had a bunch of recipes she cut from the paper and
her own recipe cards stuffed in here and her recipe box.

And then in the back she wrote a bunch of recipes!

Sooooooo, remember this from Christmas?

I ended up adding a lot of green branches to it and by Christmas it was full
of Christmas cards along with my vintage cards.

I dug it out of The Shed of Junk.........

Turned it to the other side......

Added some of Grams recipes, her old spice cans,
and some of her old kitchen stuff.........

Oh and I added a piece of trim for another little shelf
for the spice cans.

Gram also dated the back of the cards and added a comment
if it was good or not.
The dates are, 1929, 1934, 72 etc.

So cute!!!
Thanks Amy for such a great idea!!!!


  1. I LOVE IT, Jane!!

    I love the way you added the spice cans and utensils. I especially love that she wrote things on back of the spices whether she liked them or not. So wonderful!

    Thank you so much for the shout out. I love getting ideas from other people.

  2. This is a terrific idea all put together. I think it looks great, but then it's so special because of your personal collection. Sweet!

  3. oh i love old books, bought some really nice ones this weekend. very old! love them.
    have a wonderful day

  4. What a fantastic idea; the frame with your Grams recipes and the shelf of spices! Great collective thinking and display. Your Grams recipe book looks a lot like my Mothers cookbook. Beautiful.


  5. I love making these picture hangers out of old windowpanes. The look is so cute. But I especially love the little trim pieces you addes for a mini shelf. Great idea!

  6. Such a neat idea! You chose to display your grandma's things so nicely!

  7. Cute! This reminds me of something my aunt would especially like.

  8. I LOVE it! From the old chippy frame to the old clothespins, to the old tins and finally to the best part, your Grandmother's recipes, this is one perfect piece of art!!

  9. i just found your blog jane, and i LOOOOOVE it!! you are my new found vintage decorating hero!!! thanks for all the tips, eye candy and inspiration. awesome!!!!
    a new fan

  10. Love!!!! Love the Christmas side and the vintage kitchen side!!! I'm a new follower=)

  11. great way to display things we love!
    gorgeous photos!
    happy day!

  12. Great idea and wonderful recipe special. Thanks for stopping by today....just became your latest follower..hope you will follow back.

  13. What a treasure. Memories that is still useful and the same time decorative. Just wonderful.
    Thank you so mucj for popping by my blog. i treasure all comments. Cheerful gifts in the daily life.
    Big hug!

  14. I just started collecting old recipes from my and my husbands grandma's. You have given me big inspiration of what to do with them all!

  15. Such a wonderful gift from your grandmother to cherish. I have my mom and grandmothers cookbooks with all of their notes and it means the world to me.

  16. How precious to have your gramma's recipes and what awesome ideas you have for your home! So glad to find you!

  17. I have some things like this of my mother in law...your display looks great~ you gals sure do inspire me! Lezlee

  18. Your grandmother's book is so precious and well loved. I'm sure she has some yummy recipes in there. I really like the way you've displayed the cards on the wonderful old window frame.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  19. Wow, I love it. Like how you added the utensils and spice cans. Looks like a keeper!

  20. Hi Jane! LOL! Great minds think alike! I also commented on Amy's wonderful hanging recipes idea and plan on doing the same thing! :) Isn't Amy the sweetest???

    In fact, between you and Amy - you've inspired me to get out a large white frame in my basement and create one of those neat holders tomorrow! Thanks and great job!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  21. such a sweet way to keep a little of your precious grandma right in the kitchen with you...i would love for you to share this on my fridays unfolded linky @


    stuff and nonsense

  22. I LOVE this idea. And the little utensils and goodies added make this extra wonderful. How neat that you have a red side and a white side!!
    Thanks for linking up to VIF!

  23. Such a great idea! My Mom made my siblings and I all scanned copies of all my Grandma's favorite recipes and then bound them in a book for us. It's such a cool little recipe book especially since it's all in her handwriting. Cool little window/frame.

  24. This post remind me of my grandma and all the dishes she ever cook for me....Thanks for sharing!

  25. I'm sure there is lots of juicy recipes in there.