Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day - Gram and Gramp's Valentine's

These hung on my Grandma's wall next her bed.

They were all from my Grandpa.

As a little girl staying the night at Grandma's,
I would always ask her to take them off the wall
so I could look at them.

They eloped, 
she was 16 and he was 17.....
They got arrested on their wedding night!

It was illegal to elope back then.

Front page news on the Des Moines paper!

On their 50th wedding anniversary my Grandpa brought a tin plate....

It was the plate he ate off of, that night in jail!

"His wedding supper plate"

He had kept it all those years!

How's that for a romantic Valentines story!

Oh and now the Valentines hang on my bedroom wall.


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  1. Just adorable!!!
    And yes, it's a chandelier that we are going to put up today :)

  2. What anadorable story! Not for the couple at the time, but I love that he kept the plate!

  3. What an amazing love story! 50 years! So cool :)

  4. What a sweet story, and it's so great that you got to keep the Valentines they saved all these years!! Very romantic indeed! Thanks for becoming a new follower, returning the favor too! Julie

  5. That's really sweet! And impressive that Grandpa had such a great sense of humor.

    I love the framed Valentines!

    Have a great day.

  6. That is so sweet! And I love things like this...what treasures. Thanks for linking to my party.

  7. I love the story about your grandparents. Real true love! x Sharon @ Roses and Rust

  8. That is such a great story! I love it! So great to have those valentines-such a wonderful momento!

  9. That's a great story, thank you for sharing that. I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award. Come see at - it's pretty fun.

  10. What a precious story! They sound like quite a couple! That is so sweet that she saved and framed her cards. What a special treat to see those each day in your bedroom! When my grandparents married, they spent their wedding night with relatives! Can you imagine?

  11. You have some of the most amazing family heirloom pieces!

    Take care,

  12. So sweet! I'm sorry we are just now getting over here to visit but thank you so much for linking up to Inspiration Friday last weekend and we hope to see you again this week! :-)

  13. That is so sweet and special! Such a treasure to have!!! By the way, thanks for visiting me!