Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Rosemary Pot Make Over

Since it's winter I had to bring my Rosemary and Basil in the house.

The Basil didn't like the move and died.
Darn it - I love my sweet Basil!

I've been staring at this pot for months and I hate it......

So what do you do..........?

Find some burlap in the shed..........

A little bit of good ole Elmers,

add a little string.......


More better!!!!

As a side note
Here in Colorado we have a saying,

"if you don't like the weather .....
wait a minute"

Friday it was 72 and today......
a whopping 14 below!!???


I had to bring my old, man rooster in the mud room last night

No alarm clock needed this morning!!!!  
Wow is he loud!

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  1. You really did a nice job on this. Great idea!

    It sure wasn't 72 here this week, but it's supposed to get to 0 tonight. Ughhhh... :)

    Have a great day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hihih you write so witty. :)
    freezing that is. Here we have had the warmest January ever. But November was the coldest ever. Strange and awkward indeed..
    I have done just the same with pots also. My terracotta pots I use for pelargoniums in my greenhouse. But I have grown tires of the since they hold no water what so ever. So I think they form now on will be used as decoes only.
    Love that little washingboard?? you have on the wall beside the pot there. Lovely.

  3. I can never make my basil last either. But Rosemary is nice and easy. The burlap really adds a nice touch.

  4. That really adds such a nice touch :)

    Of course I am here in Iowa living in the Blizzard of the Century....
    I am adding you to my FAVORITE EYE CANDY BLOGS and have become a follower.
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  6. Very pretty !!! and Yes you can come over any time i love company.... I hearing the ice hit the house as i type... Spring can't come soon enough.. Stay warm


  7. Your comment just cracked me up!! :) Thank you for coming and visiting me and following along I am now too! Yep 47 :) tonight its going to be 31 thats pretty cold for us desert people. I could not bear to live anywhere incredibly cold!! Stay warm!! Oh and I love the way you displayed your herbs. I cannot grow anything to save my life.

  8. It looks great! Burlap makes everything better!


  9. Great idea! 14 below? That's pretty cold! Not nearly as cold where I am in the Northwest, but I took a walk today and by the time I came back, I could no longer feel my face... Stay warm!

  10. Like your Rosemary. Mine is in the ground and about 4 ft. tall. Sounds like you had the same weather we had in Texas, 75 on the weekend and now 14. Well at least it doesn't last long. Stay warm! judy

  11. It's darling! I love Rosemary and wrapped up all cozy in burlap- delightful! Sounds cooold there- stay warm! Stopping by from Kristins party- nice to meet you! :)