Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Empty Frames and TV Room

So just in case you hadn't heard it was really cold here last week.....
Enough with the whining, already!!!

Since I got 2 days off from work I did do some fun stuff around the house.
Did I mention I had no water last week....

I love this mirror but it just wasn't doing it for me......

Last summer on the way to Iowa my sister and I stopped in 
Walnut Iowa


Such a cute town, brick streets, and an antique store on every corner!
And THE nicest people in the world!

In one store we found all these old frames......
after some negotiations.....

We got them all for $20!
Even included the round one, ya, all!!

They all needed a lot on tender loving care!
Not to mention the old, moldy smell.
Thank goodness Colorado is dry so over time the smell fades away.

So what do you think?

And while we are on the subject.....

This is the room before:

The bed I was selling on Craig List last year.
The room was a child's room and it had red tile all over the floor.....
red, cold, like patio tile....

I changed it into my TV, dollhouse room.

My house is only 800 sq ft, ya gotta be creative!

Just laid laminate right over the tile!
Worked out just fine!

Jute rug on sale a Sundance!

Love that rug!!!
Little stool Mom picked up for me.

Slanted house means the doors don't always stay open.....

Cute little door stop!

I have a ton of stuff I could have painted....

no water, means, no painting,
Did I mention I went 5 days with 

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  1. Very cute! Great buy for the frames and the overall outcome... So glad you have water back.

  2. Nice Makeover!! Love the decorating and glimpse into your home. Great deal on those frames to!!!

  3. That's really cute! I have an old stovetop iron I got to use as a doorstop. It is fun to re-purpose things.

  4. love the frames! i've got a few that are in need of paint! your room is darling!! thanks for dropping by! susan

  5. Hi Jane-

    I like how you made the frame gallery on your wall. It is fun to play around to see what "newness" you can come up with - with old stuff.
    I love how your drew a face on your broken pipe. Have to look at the bright side. Glad to hear you have your water working again.
    My best- Diane

  6. Love the frames...what a find!!! 5 days without water??? Wow,that must have been tough!

  7. Your house looks great! The frames on the wall were a wonderful idea. The empty frames give the wall some detail without weighing the room down. I have always wanted to get to Walnut, Iowa....maybe one of these days!

  8. I love all the frames, looks great! And your couch looks surprisingly like mine!!


  9. You hit the jackpot of the frames! The room looks great like how you displayed them and the dollhouse is so cute! Thanks for stopping by and leaving sweet comments. Blessings, Vicky

  10. I think the frames look really nice.


  11. Those frames are such a find and your room looks quite charming! I have an old dollhouse that my dad made for me out in my garage- I have been waiting to fix it up and bring it in. Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)