Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bathroom Remodel

So I finally found all the bathroom pictures before it became what it is today!

Lovely blue, don't you think.... notice the tile floor....... 
it began sinking one day.
The bathroom was last on my list of re-dos and quickly became number one!

See where the towels are....to the right of that was this....

There was another sink in the corner, a really little sink.
Groovy floor....
 and notice the pretty clouds on the wall.....?

 You had to step up to this area.
I'm 5'7 and was a little claustrophobic.
It became wasted space.
I never went in there.

So anyway on to the great floor cave in!!!!

Well, well what a surprise.......the floor was made out of Highway signs......
Really old Highway signs!  Like from the 60's.
 These suckers were made of thick wood and were really heavy.

But they were no match for a leaky pipe under the tub.

Yep, Highway signs.
And look at the lovely floor that was under the tile....
it just got better and better!

I had to have the whole floor torn up. 
Since there is just a creepy crawl space under my house it was dirt, the ground
 under the "use what you have and make it work" highway signs.

And today..............

And yes I have a thing about mirrors......
not so I'm able to look at myself everywhere I turn, 

I just like mirrors.
Over the years I have collected quite a few.

I sure do love my bathroom!!!!


  1. What a fabulous makeover. Your new bathroom is breathtaking....Thanks for stopping by my blog...

    Take care,

  2. WOW! Okay, as you can tell I'm going to be your newest follower. I'm also going to be a little bit bossy here. lol

    Girl link this post up with these parties!!!

    check her page around 4ish on Thursday. It's Feathered Nest Friday.

    The other is over at my sweet friend Chari's blog Happy to Design.
    This Sunday Favorites party is for posts that are favs or posts thatmay've not gotten any attention. What you've done with the mirrors is really cute. I love mirrors too. Lots of white lovers out there will be sure to check this post out.

    What did you end up doing with all the signs? Did you give them to your sis for her shop?

    Really enjoyed this post!!