Monday, November 22, 2010

The Earth Muffin, Tree Hugger In Me

So The Boy Friend and I went to the Mall yesterday.
We went to my most favorite, 
can't afford even sale stuff, 
love every single thing in the store,

They had real pine trees in burlap bags 
with fake snow on them all over the store.

I immediately told The Boy Friend I am so doing this for Christmas!!!

But then the Earth Muffin came out in me and I felt really sorry for the trees.
Were they being watered, who was caring for them,
what about after Christmas!
Were they just going in the dumpster???


I  started to make a scene....I stomped over to the counter, 
 jumped up on my Tree Hugger 100% recyclable soap box, 
and said this is really uncool, 
these poor trees!!  

What was going to happen to them......
The women behind the counter grabbed my shoulders, shook me, 
and told me to ahold of myself.......

Customers can adopt the trees!!!!!!

After Christmas you pick them up and plant them in your  yard!!!

Well God Bless Us Everyone!

And of course........ all the really full, pretty trees were already adopted.

So I adopted the poor Charlie Brown Tree that nobody liked!

Merry Merry

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