Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall - Decorating Antique Post Cards

I really like old, antique post cards.
Wasn't it nice, not so long ago, people actually sent cards.....not emails.

I have some for each holiday and I am always finding more.

I amazes me the addresses.....hard to think all you had to write 
was the name and the city and it was delivered!  

Can you imagine that now??  

Forget one number off the zip code and it gets returned!

How nice, "Dear Little Friend".
Must have been from a brother, looks like, Paul....
"this from someone so busy", 
"pleasant Thanksgiving to you and Father and Mother".

I can't for the life of me ever hearing my brother speak so eloquently....
or ever sending me a card for that matter!

I, on occasion make  request my nephew go on adventures with me.  
We once visited the Colorado Museum in downtown Denver.  
On display there were cards and letters from the Tabor family, 
one of the families in Colorado history.  

Anyway, one of the letters was addressed
"To My Dearest, Darling, Aunite". 
I requested that my nephew, from that day forward address me the same.
Maybe it would have worked better if he was 7 years old at the time....
15 not so much, 
just the good ole roll of the eyes.

I also love the names... Lizzie.....
Oh my you don't suppose it was Lizzie Borden...
Did she ever marry?

See Wm Gerloff, Ayr Neb. 
That's it. no street. no nothing. 
Just delivered.

So there you go, another Fall Decorating idea!

Oh and by the way, the little Pumpkin Card Holders,
Pottery Barn, $20.00.  
The Rooster Card Holder, Pottery Barn, sale section. 
The other big Pumpkin, real!


  1. Ayr, a little town in Nebraska! William!

    I still send my Granny cards with only the address..
    Grandma Schmidt, Clinton, MI 49236 and it gets to her house every time.

    We're going there next week for Thanksgiving...woot!

  2. I adore old postcards - love the names, the writing style, and like you said - how in the world - a name and a town? Thanks so much for stopping by me olde blog!