Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home Remodel

Creepy Furnace Room Before
Why would anybody paint a small space dark brown?

During the fix up of the Creepy Furnace Room.
This was pretty bad, lots of bugs and mouse poo!

Ta Daaaaa!!!  
Creepy FALL Furnace Room!!!

Fall dishes, the leaf plates are from Pottery Barn. 
The brown plates and bowl I found at my sister's consignment store!  
The glass pumpkin 40% off Hobby Lobby!

And if you turn around from this....
 you'll see this......

Now remember this was all dark brown!  And see that window, 
I did have Chucky's face in there till it started scaring me.  
There is nothing I can do about this side of the Creepy Furnace Room, unless I add a room, or a basement.   
That's right, my little house only has a crawl space.  That's a whole other blog. 
The crawl space is so bad the Orkin Man gives me his phone to call 911 just in case before he goes in!
Aren't those door knobs great at hooks!!
One of my favorite finds!

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