Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Decorating - Bathroom

The one thing I am most proud of in my house is my bathroom make over!
Especially my sink.
I wanted to take an antique dresser and make a vanity out of it.  Unfortunately the space for my sink is really small and I could never find anything that fit.

So one night it came to me.....

For starters I don't have a before picture....don't yell at me 
I HATED my vanity.
If we work together I'm sure you can picture it in your mind.

Fake wood, light brown, one of those fake marble tops with a built in sink
.......wait for it......
 shaped like a shell!
They, the people who lived there before me had replaced the facets with fancy ones.  The only problem they have gold in them. 
Not a big fan of gold.

This is a before photo of the bathroom.
The vanity was the color of that really super, nice toilet seat.

DAAAA TAAAA this is my vanity today.
Still a work in progress as you can see by the wall....

I kept the same vanity and painted it white, added some scratched edges and replaced the top with piece of wood I found in my shed.  

The sink I got at Habitat for Humanity.  
Fair trade......
I gave them the fake marble lovely shell and I purchased this for $15.00!!
Besides, one woman's hate it is another woman's love it!
I know my shell sink found a happy home.

Now this where I amazed myself.....the back wood piece... left over molding from the floor!  
I just cut and glued it on....but not before adding......

This little decorative piece I bought a at Home Depot!
How clever am I !!!!  
As far as the facet you can see the gold around the H and the C but I'm living with it right now because those gadgets are $$$$$ and I am on a budget!

And one more thing, see my awesome toilet paper holder....
Unscrewed that from a wall of a house that was being tore down!
I love it !


  1. that looks a million times better! i lovethe little decorative piece. :)

  2. It looks way better. You are very clever and resourceful! My husband made us a beautiful vanity for our small downstairs bathroom. ( I'm living with the upstairs one because I'm too cheap and lazy to do anything about it.

  3. This is a very nice update. I need to remember to look at Habitat for a sink.


  4. I've heard about being able to purchase these items at Habitat. I don't have one near me :(

    I can picture exactly how your vanity looked before. Night and day transformation.

    Take care,