Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Kitchen

Yes I'm a freak and re-decorate my whole house for the seasons.....and the bathroom too!!

And for a closer look........

The wine glasses with the gold steams are from Pottery Barn.  
The gold wine glasses....Wal Mart...$3.00, SHUT UP.....I know!!  
Not the best quality, very thin glass, they will probably break the first washing!  
But still cute and finished off my Fall Kitchen Decorating!

The Turkey Patter you can find in almost every Antique store. 
Some are more than others depending on who made them and the age.  
I have two, one for display and one for the turkey.
These platters can range from $100 to $25. 

Antique dishes I have collected.  
They baby dish by the plant was my Mom's when she was little.

All of these bottles are from various antique "digs". 
That's it, I'm an Archeologist of Antique Stores! 
I'm serious, sometimes you really have to dig to find treasures.

Some of the milk bottles came from an ex's Grandmother's house.  
He drug me along to clean her pantry!  I was in H E A V E N!!  
I came away with so much great stuff.
Oh and the ex, loooong gone!!  

When I tore out all the kitchen cupboards I added this shelf.  
It's a door off and old pantry from a house that was being tore down.  

To clarify, I frequent houses that are being demolished for some new fancy house! 
I just walk right up and ask what can I have....and I dumpster dive!!  
Yes, I admit it.  
Once my nephew was with me and he hid in the back seat, on the floor!  Big, baby!!
I have doors, door knobs, cup board doors, windows, chairs, name it and all for free!

The antique wooden egg box, a gift from my sister....again from her Consignment Store.
If you don't frequent Consignment Stores you don't know what your missing.  
The picnic basket, her store too.......


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  1. I love love love your house, Jane! Your kitchen is probably my favorite area, too. It's such a great space. Open, inviting and great for socializing and snacking and I think it's awesome that you decorate seasonally. I'm so glad you've started a blog because I think you have such a gift and you can be so creative! You inspire me!

    Oh, by the way, I'm drunk.

    Off to Walmart to buy those copycat glasses!

    jen/girl corrupted