Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Review

What a nice looooong weekend!

Had a wonderful time with The Boyfriend's family.

And the fake dinner.........was really good..... 
I know, who would have thought!??

Actually the only thing they bought was two pre-cooked turkeys and 
the rest they prepared the old fashion way.
They even made Green Chili which was to die for!

Me and So-so did have words....he was making fun of me for 
stealing my thunder!
The nerve, young boy, the nerve!

His family did come over on Saturday for MY dinner and did admit my Stuffing 
is the best in the land......and probably the world.

He also made reference that maybe he might like to do Christmas some year.... silly, silly child there is no way he can pull that off!

Leave that Holiday to a Professional!

And on a sad note my little buddy Bob passed away yesterday.

Robert "Bob" Rooster
2005 - 2010

Bob couldn't walk too well, his feet never quite worked for some reason.
 I built him him his own condo inside the chicken coop.

If you know about chickens, it's all about Survival of the Fittest!
And they take it very seriously.

So Bob had to have his own place.
In the winter, since Bob had nobody to snuggle with he came in the house.
He would sit under the kitchen table on my feet. 
Then, when he was ready, 
he would hobble into the mud room and go to bed.
In the mornings he would make his way to the bath room 
and sit on the rug with the 2 cats and watch me get ready for work.

He was a good buddy.
I'm going to miss him.

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  1. Aw, Jane - I'm sorry to hear about Bob! I know how much he meant to you.
    May he rest in peace- he had a good life with you!