Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Remodel

This was the stove area in all it's glory before!
Ohh my I forgot about that carpet!  
It was great back then because I had a sick Rooster and he could just wonder around the kitchen because it did not matter on the that nice indoor/outdoor carpet.

As they say on the Stanley Steamer commercials, 
I had a in home, free range Rooster.
I love those commercials....with the Alpaca....come on they are fun ny!!!

More about Robert "Bob" Rooster another day.

And here it is today!!!
And the funny part about this picture, it really shows the slight angle my house is at.
Or I was drinking......

It's an old house people!!  
It's been added on to a few times and there was never a permit drawn until moi!

My clutter up close........
Little corns in a mason jar, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves
make for cute fallness, cozy decor.

Cute brown pumpkin plate.......guess where I got it......
My sister's Consignment Store!

Awesome Crow spoon plate.
Local artist here, more on her stuff later.

And put it all together!
They you have it, my fall stove!


  1. I cannot believe that there was once indoor/outdoor carpet in your kitchen! You'd never know it now - you've come a long way, baby!

  2. that looks 5 million times better... I love people who believe in paint! Thanks for stopping by Sweet as June. :)