Thursday, December 30, 2010

And More Door Knobs

More of my love for 

Door Knobs!!!

I would love to tell you I made this.....but
 I got in some catalog over 15 years ago!

I have never parted with it, I love it too much.

I have hung it my my kitchen, mud room, bedroom and now
it's in my bathroom. 
I hang towels, yoga pants, t-shirts or whatever else I'm to lazy to put in the closet!

And this one I purchased at Paris Street!
A really cool antique outdoor market that comes around 
the first weekend of every month during the summer!

It's in my pantry, it's covering up the original fuse box that 
Mr. Electrician Man wanted way to much money to remove.
Gotta save $ somewhere!
And look you can't even tell!


  1. Love what you have done with these...I just displayed a bunch of my glass knobs in an apothecary jar....

    Vintage knobs are such a fab collection...They have so much character....

    Happy new year....


  2. I love this! My sister in law has one of these and I have been dying to make one. I need a few more knobs though! I really like yours. Very cute! Johnnie