Thursday, December 2, 2010

My New Closet

Drum roll please...............

Yes that is a boa hanging from the window! 
A gift from my Mom......funny story.....
Her neighbor passed away, she was in her 80's 
and when her daughter was cleaning out her place she found 
a red, pink and black boa!

Mom, snagged the red one for me.

And no, nobody knows the story there......

This side is all shelves for sweaters, jeans and jewelry.

I have tons of fun jewelry and I like it out so I can see it.
That way when I'm getting dressed in my fabulous closet I can accessorize at the same time!

Rachel Zoe says you can never accessorize too much!
I do love my Rachel Zoe......she is a little eccentric.....
and really needs to eat a sandwich,
 but I still love her!!!

What, what is that you say........
Why yes that is a tiera...........
Don't you have one???

I wear mine while cleaning the house, 
doing laundry,
 cleaning the chicken coop.....whatever......

A tiera just makes a girl feel good.

Years ago I went to visit a friend of mine in Florida and all the ladies on her block had a tiera!
I loved it!  
These girls were so gorgeous in their sweats and tieras!
They all wore them everywhere!  
Mowing the lawn, jogging, walking the kids to the bus!
I am not kidding they all had one!
The whole block!!!

Be the first on your block.....?

Back to my closet,
the next bestest thing about my closet

LOVE IT   LOVE IT   LOVE IT, $30.00!

If I ever get really rich I want a really big closet so I can have a 
big, puffy, purple velvet sofa in it.   
So I can just hang out....and lounge.....
and count my shoes.......


  1. Really like the chandy in the closet. Ikea? Wow!
    Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with. Every woman "NEED" a gorgeous closet. Way to go!


    Yes...I am now a follower ;-)