Monday, December 6, 2010


Well hey there!

Looonnng weekend, I was crazy busy.

A really good friend of mine, in fact I've know her since grade school...
Boy that's a long time.....
We are having our 30 Year Reunion this year to give you some idea
just how many years.

A reunion I am supposed to be throwing together
by the way, 
in my spare time....
AND that is a whole other blog!

Anyway, she is adopting a beautiful little girl from Ethiopia 
and we have been getting everything ready.  
The way things have worked out she will be 
home with them Christmas Eve.  
Now how awesome is that!!!

So I have been helping her work on her house and also everybody and their brother wants me to decorate their houses and trees for Christmas.

So this is what my house looks like....

Christmas, Thanksgiving MESS!

I did manage to one thing last night......

I LOVE mason jars!  You can do so much with them.

These guys are in my kitchen window.

The first one I put nuts in for that fall, Thanksgiving look.

They might be Hazelnuts.....???  
I don't know my nuts too well......
I found them on the ground on a trip to West Virginia a few years ago.  
When I'm done with Thanksgiving I pack em in a zip lock for next year.

The last one has buttons in it, buttons from my Grandma's sewing box.

Moving on.......
for Christmas I fill them with candy!


Grab some of these guys.
Some of these little votive guys I got at my favorite store and yours
And the other ones I got at Good Will for .50 each!

Add some votive candles.........

Oh my...... I can hardly wait.........

And there you have it!!!

Whose in the Christmas spirit now!!!

My sister and I call this Display Candy!

The Nephew and all his friends have learned to ask before you eat....

Display Candy is packed away and reused year after year....
It's not meant to be eaten!

Just ask The Nephew's poor friend who dug into the
Display Candycorn at Halloween......
It wasn't pretty

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  1. Display candy! Awesome idea! I tell ya, that could really cut down on $$$$ spent and the extra I inevitably get around my hips. Display candy it is for Revamped French Maison!!!! =0)