Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ginger Bread Man

This is Ginger Bread Man

My sister gave him to me a few years ago.

He hangs on the wall at Christmas time.

The Boyfriend HATES him!

He thinks he comes alive! 
He says if we hang him one place, 
the next morning he'll be somewhere else.

He's really creeped out by him.

The Boyfriend packed Ginger Bread Man in a box and put him back in the Christmas tub.

It's not good to show a weakness in front of me.......

Ginger Bread Man has now been found in his underwear drawer,
in the refrigerator, under the pillow where he sits on the couch

Tonight I'm going to put him outside the window on The Boyfriends side of the bed!


And thanks to your favorite site and mine, Picnik

I bring you 

Angry Gingie!!!

Poor, The Boyfriend
I'm going to frame this and give it to him for Christmas!

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  1. i like angry ginger man!!!!! and i love the skates on the gate!!! and as far as old skis go another blogger was going to get some newer ones and spray them white... not a bad idea!