Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hanging Idea

I forgot this one yesterday.....

An old rake worked perfect to hang my beaters!

And why there is a clothes pin on one the the beaters
I don't know...?
Noticed it when I loaded the picture


  1. What a brilliant idea!!!
    So clever. :-)


  2. So funny....I have one of these that I have been hanging onto forever! I knew there had to be some other use for it, and you figured it out! Way to awesome! Glad I didn't throw mine away now...

    I was psyched that Johnnie found me through you. I couldn't remember her blog to contact her when all went array...Her new house is awesome. How exciting for her...

    To answer your question, now that the bathroom is done, we are onto the master bath, then hopefully the kitchen....

  3. Sometimes I wish I lived out in the country again. When I see cute stuff like this rake it makes my heart long for down home earthy simplicity.

    I saw a cute rake idea in Flea Market Style last week. They had a piece of metal soldered to the rake and made a little stand to hang goodies on.

    Cute stuff!