Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Dollhouse!

This is my Dollhouse
My sister and I both had one when we were kids,
much smaller ones.

My sister gave me all her doll house furniture to add to mine!

So about 5 years ago I got this one, it was a kit.

I had to get a bigger house 
I had the furniture......right?!!

I thought it would be fun!

It has taken me 5 years to do the outside.

I thought it would be fun!

I changed the color of the house twice and had to redo the shingles!

I thought it would be fun!

After some soul searching I realized I
 I don't have the patience.

When I paint furniture I don't sand things down!
I just don't have time for that nonsense!
So it's a really good thing I like shabby, chippy stuff!

But with the Dollhouse 
I have to be patient.

As you can see the inside has furniture 
but needs wallpaper and paint.

Ohhh look at the stockings and the tiny wrapping paper.

And look at my really cute kitchen door!
( wow giant cricket in the background, photography at it's best )

And here's the kitchen, the unpainted, no floor kitchen.......

Tiny little rolls of T-pee........

But picture this room done, wallpapered and painted.

OK I love my dollhouse!!!!
I need to get busy and finish it!

And you'll see it in another 5 years!!!


  1. I love the doll house!!!! It reminds of mine when I was a little girl. My sister and I used to have doll houses, she had the rich city home and I had the country white trash home. Looking back, I really got the better house. I wonder what happened to all my doll house furniture. I wonder if my sister stole it from me........
    December 21, 2010 5:34 PM

  2. Jane, this is adorable, you are very talented! I can't wait to see the entire car you are going to make! Merry Christmas! Babs
    By Anonymous on Blog Friend....... on 12/21/10

  3. So basically I LOVE your doll house!! It's so nice, i want to live in it. :)

  4. Your doll house is AMAZING! I can't imagine how long it would take to get all of those little pieces together.
    By Anonymous on Blog Friend....... on 12/21/10

  5. Some how these comments ended up on the wrong page!
    So I moved them over here...........that's why it looks like I made all the comments!!

  6. Hi Jane...It's Lisa from Serendipity...Can you email me at Shinarmountaindesign@gmail.com


  7. Jane,

    This dollhouse is absolutely stunning! I love all the furniture and little details! Can I move in? There are so many wonderful accessories out there, one can really get carried away with this hobby (smiles)! I would love to eventually add lighting and wallpaper to mine, I mean my daughter's. Thank you for your kind words! Please stop by again soon. I'm your newest follower, I look forward to your posts!