Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Decorating - Look What I Made!!!


Look what I made Friday night.......

I need to add more antique cards, but........

I've had the frame in my shed forever, 
like 5 years, forever......

It came from a really, tiny house that was being torn down. 
I asked if I could do some antiquing, archeological,digging 
before they tore it down.

It was really cute place.  There was a Hoosier that was built in.

And it was RED!

So I tore, cut, beat, drilled, unscrewed, the cupboard doors, 
latches, and hinges.

So Friday night it just came to me.........
the clouds parted.....  
a beautiful light shown through........

OK it wasn't that dramatic, but it did come to me driving home from work.

All this I had at home in the junk, craft section in my shed.
Except the clothes pins, those I got at my little town hardware store.

First I painted and glittered the clothes pins.

And while they were drying I nailed string back and fourth in the window frame.......
all while making dinner.......

I am truly a Homemaker, Crafter Goddess!

(The Boyfriend did mention the slight sparkles in his baked chicken.....
I acted all hurt and told him I was trying to make a
Special Christmas Dinner 
and he ruined a little glitter ever hurt anybody......?)

And it then it just started to come together!!

I added some little Christmas ornaments.

And there you have it! 
I LOVE it!!!

Yesterday The Boyfriend and I went out looking for more frames so I could make one for my sister.......not so much!  The ones I found at antique stores they wanted $40 to $50 bucks for!
I need to drive around and look for more houses being torn down.

Tomorrow the really great FIND at the antique store!


  1. Cute frames! Congratulations on winning the Cafe Sign from Serendipity Decor. That is how I found your site and joined your blog. I am also a designer new to to blogging. Please check out my blog. Hope to have you become a follower to! Looking forward to seeing what kind of neat stuff you come up. Johnnie

  2. This is so gorgeous! ISn't it funny how this sort of thing could so easily have been thrown out from that old house....but yet sells for quite a lot at 'smart' stores. Crazy, huh?! I'm so glad you found it the better way!

    I've always found glitter in a meal helps the taste tremendously. :-)